Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poor haRVey Needs a Makeover!

This is what used to be our tire. How quickly the tire disintegrated while we were traveling at 60 mph down the highway on November 3.

  The plastic fender decoration is missing. It is still sort of intact, a little duct tape will solve the problem, then it will match the other side! Most of the screws holding the fender in place had pulled out leaving the fender blowing in the wind as a result of the tire flying apart.  We had just checked the tires at our last stop. 

This boo-boo happened when we avoided a branch high, but hit the low branch.  Again, a little duct tape problem solved.  We need new plastic fenders on both sides.  

The back tire on this side is the one that blew out when we were on a two-lane highway in Kansas last Spring.

While we were in Decatur, Alabama we decided it was time to lay out the cash for brand spankin' new trailer tires. I am thankful to have new tires.  When the Lord provides more than we need we say, "I wonder what we will need next?" 

Our spare tire getting the once over at OK Tires in Decatur, Alabama.

Yes, indeed I can give you a trade price on this sort of new tire.
Four NEW trailer tires, and a repaired spare!

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