Monday, August 11, 2008

Construction Work - Expect Delays

Who could resist stopping to capture this view? This photo was taken in Menomonee Falls, WI. I think she is cute. She wears high heels to her construction job! This crew must have a great sense of humor. Our first sighting of this sign was on our way to Grace Lutheran in Menomonee Falls in early August, where we enjoyed warm hospitality, four worship services and one concert, all in the company of a Savior who desires to be with us all. With His help we try not to miss an opportunity to tell people of His faithfulness and how He has continued to carry us along.


While visiting for a wedding in Duluth, I could not help but take a picture of these work clothes lying in a heap in our nephew's garage. In this picture there appear to be blood stains on the jacket, but they are not. It's just the accumulation of many, many hours of gritty and dangerous work. What a story, what a calling! Thanks, Dan, for the work you and all your fellow firefighters, including nephew Shaun and Uncle Willis, do to save lives.
Speaking of Uncle Willis, years ago when Dave and I were first married and living in Oregon, we visited Willis at his fire station in Sacramento. We were engaged in a lively game of volleyball with the firemen on the station's backyard when the ball was hit high in the air. I remember hearing some sort of alarm vaguely in the background as I was concentrating on getting a good hit on the ball. Up it went, down it came -- to an empty field. I looked around and the players were gone. We just had time to walk over to the fence and watch the fire trucks exit the station and roar down the street. May God prepare us all to be so ready to serve when the call comes.

How to Eat a Brownie the Natural Way

One of our newer relatives demonstrates the joy of eating a brownie without a fork and without getting your hands dirty. Not as simple as you might think, but she has clearly mastered the technique. We took a rare week or so away from haRVey to visit our family in Minnesota for a wedding. It was truly wonderful and inspiring to see our nieces and nephews struggle with parenting -- er, ah, I mean, raising families of their own. Seriously, both Dave and I were impressed with and encouraged by our little sampling of the next generation of parents. Thanks be to God!