Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canadian or Monopoly?

Canadians may talk kilometers, and Celsius, and spend a bit more on gas, but look at the fun money they get to use. I think it makes the whole money issue a bit more fun.

In Canada you can use a "Loonie," if you need to spend a buck, or you can use a "Toonie" should you need two bucks. 

The fiver has a picture of kids playing hockey! How fun is that? 

I loved my short, sweet, jaunt through Ontario and I hope we get to do that again in a few years. 

I am saving a few loonies and toonies until my next visit.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

haRVey's Boo Boo

It is a small ding, Dave was bummed. But as any guy would say, "we'll just hammer that out, it will be good to go." And it was ...

... except for the small piece of plastic molding around the tire.

Here's the culprit. This picture does not do justice to the very skinny driveway.  In this photo, it looks as though a semi could make a u-turn, but I assure you that is not the case.  We stopped in Allison, Ontario for one night on our way to Sudbury.  Everything about our Ontario stay was wonderful except for haRVey's small mishap. After three full years on the road, one small ding. Thanks be to God. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Christ Lutheran SOUL

 S.O.U.L. (spiritual outreach uplifting lives) ministry is an outreach for adults and children who have developmental disabilities, hosted by Christ Lutheran in St. Catharines, Ontario. They meet every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 11:30 AM. The S.O.U.L. staff provides structured activities.

This was a lot of fun!

Church volunteer snack servers
Dave and I sang, "Big Lie" for these dear people and those who could were dancing in the aisle. This program provides a respite for their caregivers for a few hours each week.  If only we could all have such joy in the Lord without worrying what someone might think of our dancing skills, singing skills or tears. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New York City

 My first trip to NYC was indeed incredible, and the highlight was seeing Benjamin, our nephew. 
Ben skillfully presents a feast for the eyes and the palate as he serves at Blue Ribbon in Manhattan. Such a small name for such an exceptional experience.  I had escargot for the very first time, it was sensational; although, I did not expect it to be. :)  Our wonderful meal, and the stunning taste sensations cannot be described here - I have no words. The service was grand, I felt like a queen - thanks, Ben! Should you find yourself in Manhattan - Blue Ribbon.
WTC - a work in progress.
WTC in 2015
One view of Times Square, I could not capture the whole.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Three Years and Change

Change may be good, but it sure is hard to make yourself leave what you know, who you know, and how you fit in.  We have traded one lifestyle for another.  Sometimes, people will say they could never live on the road, but after traveling, we don't think we could stay put!   

It is a challenge to take a chance and step out into change and the unknown. I am talking about small stuff - do you ever think twice about...  how to get to the grocery store? Where to do your laundry? A place to get your hair cut? A mechanic who will give you the straight up help you need?  For us, it changes every week. Boy, do we count on our android  phones and the Apps, but when this fails there are always live people to give directions - imagine.

Here is something that will not surprise anyone: everyone loves their hometown. It is comforting to be part of something and making a difference no matter where you live or what you do. It feels good to belong. Nearly every place we have been someone will tell us about a park, a memorial, a bike ride, or a restaurant that can't be missed.

We have set up camp in 35 states, with hopes to add a few more to our list as we travel west this fall. We will continue to seek change. We pray the Lord will change hearts and lives. The small changes are not hard, the big changes are not hard either, as the Lord directs our path. Enjoy the ride.
Organizing before heading out.

Leaving the Rogo farm May 1, 2008 - this is it!

Sky High, our first life on the road stop.

Farewell at LHS Mayer

2 Moms

The story in 7 frames. 1Kings 3:16

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Gundermann Family in Rochester, New York

Our parking spot was reserved, thanks Noah.

We just fit with a few feet to spare.
Thank you for allowing us to use your entire driveway.  
We were on the receiving end of great food, new friends, wonderful fellowship, and a few welcome kisses from Soda, the family dog. 

No Dave, you cannot have a dog.
Noah, Amy and Kayla

Pastor Tom and Eva

I am looking forward to a concert on our next visit.

A boy, wishing he had a dog. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

not to beat the point to death, but... just saying

These signs are posted on most of the bridges in Westport. 

Imagine coming upon this sign, knowing you need 12' 8"!?
Next time we visit, and I hope there is a next time, we will park haRVey outside of town and travel in our truck on The Parkway where no big rigs are allowed. We will travel the roads with low clearance bridges and enjoy the sights of Westport - fearless. What would be even better is a mini cooper convertible, top down heat cranked enjoying a crisp fall day while the beauty of Fall in Connecticut floats around us. Let's stop for coffee. Perfect.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Without hesitation

Holly and David, who is pretending to listen to his mom.
God provided us with the Tilton family. Just in passing I mentioned to Holly our RV needed some work done. She immediately gave me her phone number and address assuring us they had room and would love to have us spend the night. Scott and his wife, Holly, fed us dinner and gave us, not only a bed for the night, but also the privilege of getting to know their delightful family. We sang for the kids, who laughed and danced and made us laugh, though not dance.
Again, God provided just exactly what we needed.

...and as we were setting up

This should not look like this.
After our hair thinning trip through New York City, we were setting up at St. Paul's in Westport. We noticed our tire stabilizers did not fit properly. Dave noticed a bit of the spring works was hanging down where it should not be. The connecting shackle thingy just gave out. You can see it dangling down in the picture.

God provided a shop in Bridgeport who specialize in springs, just 13 miles away.  We did have to drive our broken house 13 miles at 15-20mph on city streets to the shop. We had to take that unlikely route because of all the low bridges in the area. Let's just say there were MANY upset drivers who were late for something.

Before we travel we always pray: God be with us as we travel, that our house may not unravel. One of the shackles broke and there were two more nearly broken. Our RV could have lost the rear axle altogether on the New Jersey Turnpike. Instead, we were gently informed on the green grass of a friendly churchyard, with an honest repair shop just down the road. Thank you, God.

It should look like this.

Delaware to Connecticut

We spent Easter in Westport, Connecticut. It was an eventful week... I have to tell you, God is good so let's get started!
The George Washington Bridge

We left Delaware and drove to Connecticut via the New Jersey Turnpike.... it is mind blowing to pay for the privilege of driving on roads with more potholes than normal. Please note the semi ON the white line hedging into our lane.  This was a fun trip in many ways, near death excitement, white knuckle curves, semis in your lane, I was sad to see it end - not.  

We pulled into our church lot safe and sound, I kissed the ground.