Friday, June 24, 2011

Too Silly to take Seriously

 I found this hand soap in a church restroom.  After laughing my way around the directions, title and general bodacious labeling, I decided to share.

In Sunday School a child might say, "Teacher what you are describing is a squirrel, but since this is Sunday School, the answer must be Jesus."

You are absolutely right.  The only answer for this hand soap is Jesus.  You cannot wash your own sins away, you cannot scrub really hard to make the sins fall off.  Jesus can and does wash you clean and remove the guilt.  

Don't let this false advertising suck you in - Jesus is the answer.

Now, having said all that, how do you "rub your hands together religiously?" 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Place Backs!

I love small town USA.  These blankets, camp chairs, and tarps were placed along the parade route in Waconia, Minnesota, on a Friday afternoon in preparation for the "Battle of the Bands" which took place on Saturday evening. It was amazing  to note the trust shown in the community as we engaged in the age-old game of placebacks by honoring tarps, camp chairs, and blankets as a place saved. 

Many of the side streets were blocked as the bands descended upon Waconia in their tour buses. You could hear the cacophony of many instruments practicing coming from various points around town adding to the excitement of the event.  High School Marching Band is hard work. These kids were decked out in long sleeves on a warm slightly drippy day, but they all looked very poised and professional as they moved in formation on the streets of small town USA.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Friends

The summer of 1977 was the last time I was able to hang out with my friend Steph.  From 1969 - 77, I talked with her nearly every single day. She moved on to UW-Oshkosh while I went farther away - Concordia St. Paul.  We both met and married husbands, had kids, raised them and have them all nearly married off. On a sunny Saturday morning 34 years later, we met for breakfast.  I wondered if I would recognize my old friend, but she looked exactly the same to me with her beautiful smile and funny quirks. 

I have made and lost friends through the years as I am sure you have as well, but thanks be to God there are some we get to keep no matter how many years between visits. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trails and Tales in Munising

Munising, Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior proved to be a great spot to enjoy a hike in the woods.
Pastor John and Dave talking theology on the trail. Actually, they might be talking about John's fishing and hiking adventures; he has had many.

Part of the ministry of Good Shepherd in Munising is a mission church called Victory Lutheran located in Sawyerville and supported by area churches. The Air Force base formerly housing Air Force personnel and their families along with all the planes and other exciting big boy toys, is now low-income housing. Each Sunday following worship a free meal is served to the community provided by one of the area churches.  The membership of Victory includes many people who are struggling with addiction, unemployment, family difficulties and the like.  Pastor John loves his people at Victory and with the help of many hands is able to provide much-needed help on a practical level always with an eye on reaching each one with the Gospel and into the comfort of our living Savior.  It is hard for the people of Victory to deny the love of the Lord at work when someone is preparing a meal for them, making up food baskets to take home, and cleaning up after serving them.

Please pray for Victory Lutheran and the work being done by Pastor John as the Lord brings it to mind.

Please note the can of Apple filling just for scale!!!

On a cheesy note this block of Colby was donated to Victory by a mission group from, you guessed it - Colby, Wisconsin. :)  Gotta love the Cheeseheads.