Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Can you Celebrate That?

In 1969 my family moved to West Bend, Wisconsin, and this house.  I loved my neighborhood and everything carefree about being 10 years old.  Our neighbors across the road had ten kids, the family to the north also had ten kids.  Kick the can, touch football, sledding or biking; there was always a bunch of kids ready for fun. It was a happy time.
Eight years later I went off to college, my family moved and that ended my longest stretch in one home until...
May 1, 2016.  On that day Dave and I celebrated eight years of full-time life on the road with haRVey!  Had anyone ever told me I could claim being the Queen of a triple-slide trailer for more than 8 years I would have laughed. 

The Lord has a sense of humor and so here we are in what we hope is the middle of a great journey that is joyful, hard, satisfying, and right for us.  You just NEVER know where you will end up. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

National Parks

I have a National Parks Pass!! Remember the line in It's a Wonderful Life, when George Bailey says, "I've been nominated for membership in the National Geographic Society"? It is like that - being involved in something BIG.  I am a card-carrying member and part owner of all the National Parks and therefore I must visit them and see how they are doing.  
We try to visit State Parks, too, and hit the trail as often as we can and experience the wonder that is out there.  As the Ranger said when we bought our pass, "Go see stuff!" God helping us, as we ramble along, we will!


Joshua Tree - with no trees in the frame 
and the extras... Pacific Crest Trail

Mount Hood - not as glamorous at the top

The Welcome Center at Olympic Peninsula - NOT a through road, although, MANY maps, including our GPS, claim that it is.

The Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras, NC, 
Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio

Here is a listing of National Parks by state. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Man Cave!

The Man Cave. How do you build one inside a 5th wheel trailer? Room for the guys to come over and play cards? Watch the big game on the big screen? Sounds great. So, Dave worked off of this template:

Dave soon found some revisions were in order. After all, all one really needs is room for a man to stand in front of his computer while holding a guitar.

Please note the PVC pipe. 
In Dave's case it stands for:
P- personal 
V- venture 
C- creations

When recording, Dave needs to have a little more quiet and haRVey welcomes the great outdoors right inside - neighbors, their dogs, birds, trains, planes - you name it. It calls for drastic measures. 

Most men would not consider drapes as part of their man cave, but in this case pragmatism wins. They are light-weight and easily packed away, and will eventually be sandwiched with sound-proofing materials. When we add some more on the back and side windows, who knows, there may be a little less Ambient Nature in our recordings, although that is very fashionable right now.

"Dave are you there? Hello? Dave?"  He must be recording. (Dave says: "Look for the feet, Sabra!")

Thursday, May 28, 2015


If I am not in Canada, nor the U.S.A - where am I?

Early May found us singing for the East District Convention of the  Lutheran Church-Canada hosted in Kitchener, Ontario.  

I enjoyed getting to know some of the people. I loved their accent, plus I noticed some interesting things I really like about Canada.
This is a bike rack. I like this.
There are no "restrooms", only washrooms.

In restaurants if you pay with a credit card this little gizmo is brought right to your table and your credit card NEVER leaves your sight. I really like this.

I can't believe it doesn't run out of water. The circled person is noted for perspective which I cleverly cut out of the photo.
Niagara Falls is more beautiful on the Canadian side.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The States of Roaming

You know this sign says Missouri, it is just MISSing.


I have skipped/missed a few states y'all.

In Missouri :)

Missed the actual sign, but as you can see we are in Louisiana

I am sure they mean this in a nice way. 

Worst camping ever - left me in a terrible STATE!

Missed the sign - again.  Apparently 50 mph is too fast for me.

North??? Carolina - 50mph is still too fast.

Virginia, no comment on speed

We spent three weeks in Maryland - Bel Air, Bowie, and Pasadena. Thank you. 

We are parked in Lancaster, PA for a few days then off to New York - I might be able to add another state photo, then again maybe not.  This post logs our journey since October 2014.  There is much more to say about the people and the ministry, but for now, as  STATED, it has been and continues to be a wonderful life journey. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Sweet Life

Our dear friends of MANY years and at each get together the years fall off and it is yesterday! 

We enjoy our New friends too. Pastor Arnie in Clearwater, Florida

A little filing before singing.

Singing and telling everyone about Jesus is a Great joy for us.

A bike ride on a sunny day!  Indeed, a Sweet Life. Thanks be to God.

Dinner is Served!


At Epiphany in Tallahassee, Florida, members get together weekly to put together enough food to feed about 150 homeless people.  This is only part of the operation: buttering bread, boiling the noodles, mixing up the Chicken Alfredo, transport, then serving, another step. Each member doing their part and handing it off to the next. It makes everyone part of the whole and serving.
I only watched the busy hands working, because (and I understand this) my help would slow them down! 
I LOVE to see the Body of Christ in action.