Thursday, January 24, 2019

Food for Thought and Travel

Tomorrow we will put Texas in our rearview mirror. We start getting haRVey ready to go the evening before because we tend to have a lot of moving chores to do.  You never want to rush through your moving chores.  Actually, it is best to have a checklist, which we do not ( I can't even believe I am admitting that. (Dave: We used to, until we got our new trailer, but that was only a year and a half ago.)) While it is routine, one false move and a moment of forgetfulness can be quite dramatic.  

We have lost one TV antennae, one lawn chair, a broom, a bin, an outdoor rug, a welcome mat, and a couple of vent caps. Not too bad for 11 years of full-timing! (Dave: The welcome mat was stolen from the truck-bed (ironic, eh?) the bin was secured - well, 'secured' - and the vent caps were ripped off by tree branches.)

Our next jaunt will take us from the Houston, Texas, area to Milton, Florida, about 620 miles.  We will NOT travel that in one day.  We will boondock overnight along I-10. I have found the best way to stay away from junk food is to prepare good snacks ahead of time.  Today I cut up our celery, carrots, watermelon, cheese, and apples, peeled our oranges and put it all in containers.  

Our old haRVey allowed kitchen access when fully slid in, new haRVey does not, ah the trade-offs. We will probably eat out for breakfast because - coffee.  

When we first started this journey eleven years ago, most truck stops had places to park, no sweat; however, we have noticed "reserved" signs on about half of the truck stop parking spaces at any given Pilot or Love's.  We have at times stopped earlier than intended or driven farther just to park at a truck stop. 

Having said all of that I do enjoy a boondocking trip.  It is always interesting to see the people, the countryside, and other RVer's. You never know who you will meet in passing. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Texas In Our Rearview

Lake Conroe, Texas

HaRVey moved us to Texas on December 15. We spent three weeks in Lake Conroe, Texas, followed by a stay at Colorado River RV Resort in Columbus, Texas.  Both spots served us well.  It is always hard to move on after parking for three whole weeks!  It does not take long to put down roots, have a routine, and get used to the surroundings. 

Today we drove to town without even turning on the GPS!! A true sign that it is time to move.  Our next stop is Milton, Florida. 

Colorado River RV  in Columbus, Texas

Friday, December 28, 2018

What Might Be Silly to You

 Since October, my family has really discovered Snap Chat.  We find it difficult to send any kind of serious message in this format.  
The grands have all discovered that if it is a doggy face, you open your mouth and a tongue rolls out.  Sometimes bunnies or kitties will spit hearts when you open your mouth.  No matter the day, the time, or circumstance, Snap Chat can make you smile. 
So, now after a few months, messages like this are completely normal.
Oh Dave

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Out My Window in Edwardsville

 In late November the weather in the mid-South "usually" does not hover at freezing for so long, but it did just that while we were parked in Edwardsville, IL, at the home of our dear friends, the Lange family.  

This has to be one of my best OMW stays.  Watching horses made me forget that my toes were cold. I was fascinated by their daily routine, who hung out with whom, which horses were best friends, the boss horse, how they communicated, you know, things you ponder about horses. 

I included the OMW shot of the icicle :(  proving it is too cold to be in St. Louis area for Thanksgiving.  

One morning OMW I saw Arrow, the family dog and four of her eight puppies making a break from the barn. I believe that Arrow was thinking, "Listen, I am just going out for coffee, a little book time and just chill. I promise I will be back, really."  These pups made a break with mom.  I grabbed my coat and went out to help Josiah round up the herd.  Josiah and I could be heard saying things like, "I have two," or "we are still missing one," and "yikes, now we have another one loose." It was fun to be around such simple puppy joy.  All eight pups have new homes following the Thanksgiving break.  It was a very nice doggie fix for us as a dog in 8' x 40' just does not appeal to either of us.   

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Halloween in Marengo, Illinois

Wednesday Morning 3/4 full
Sunday Morning

For the past 5 years, this has been a great school fundraiser at Zion Lutheran School.   You pay $2.25 per pound on the honor system. Choose your candy, weigh and pay.  The alcove where the candy was kept made me swoon such happy chocolate memories. 

Grab a bag

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Out My Window

Arkdale, Wisconsin, and Luther

Bullhead City, Arizona

Lighthouse Marina, California
When I am seated at my desk, I can look straight out my back window, here are views  Out My Window. 
Pond before the flood
Belvidere, Illinois - a flooded pond
Acton, California, and Luther

Sherwood, Oregon
This view is not much, but everything else is beautiful

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

You Are Up 250 pounds!

The basement is empty
 Or you must lose 250 pounds by next Thursday! 

After living in haRVey for nearly a year, we confidently weighed ourselves at a CAT scale. haRVey is rated for 15,000 pounds gross.  Much to our now deflated confidence, we were 250 pounds overweight. We discovered our dietary excess in Kennewick, Washington, and made lists from there to Minnesota, as to how we would make our goal weight.  

Our first exercise was to empty out EVERYTHING from the "basement" (all compartments on the sides) and the "garage" (the front compartment near the hitch). After that intense workout, we were able to entertain each other with comments like, "Wow, I didn't know I had two of those" Or "We should really keep all of the tie-downs together" and my favorite, "How many of those do you really need?"  Yes, it was a really fun time.  

After combing through the outside we shifted our focus to everything inside. We emptied drawers and we each held on to the items from each drawer we used. That was interesting.  What can I say about spices? We had WAY too many and I know they don't weigh much every ounce counts! 

As a cool down thought just because you have an empty space you do not need to fill it. 

I frequently tell people this purge was harder on Dave as he had to let go of books, again! 
Everything Out!

We have successfully shed the 250 pounds and haRVey has a much better self-image and no longer dreads having pictures taken.