Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Learning Curve

 This is Logan.  He is our oldest grandchild and we see him for a few months each year.  It is always amazing to note how he has grown, what he has learned and what he is able to do.  We are often heard saying, "WOW, you could not do that last year!" 

So much of growing up is doing things for the first time!  These two pictures are Logan doing stuff he could not do last year.  Neighborhood Park has this twirly ladder that just was a little too hard to do, but this last summer - conquered.  Big Kid Park has a rope climb that was just a bit too high last summer although it was attempted many times.  This year - easy peasy!

Logan has enjoyed a nice elevator ride or better yet, an escalator.  We visited the Mall of America this summer for the sole purpose of riding ALL of the escalators. Yes, we did. :)

Sadly I do not have pictures, but he has successfully passed his escalator joy along to his cousin, Kai who joyfully raced to go again. 

Kai learned how to drink from a water fountain (bubbler) while we were visiting, it was wet and fun! Kai is curious and likes to try everything!

Scarlett, enjoyed her first camping trip this year. She is a natural!
She did not like riding the escalator or elevator at all.  On a family trip to a waterpark/hotel we took the stairs up and down all four flights many times rather than take the elevator. I am guessing next year she will be ready, but now she is ready to chill, nailed it. 

How many new things have you tried? I have not tried enough. I pray that I will be ready when the opportunity strikes. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

A Song and a Super Hero

This lovely young lady is named Sabra too! When we introduced ourselves to the school secretary at one of our long ago stops when my hair was brown, I was informed that a student had transferred recently and her name - Sabra. My response was, "You are kidding, I have NEVER met another person named Sabra." It was a treat to have our picture taken together.

When I was growing up I never had a license plate for my bike that said, "Sabra." In high school all my friends laughed at the way sports announcers massacred my name. It became a team joke. I have had mail come to me addressed to Sabarbara, Sabrina, Salora, Zombra, Sandra or even Debra and thought it is a good thing I answer to anything close!  My son, Travis, directed me to a great song, Sabra Girl by Nickel Creek. It is my morning alarm. :) My word of wisdom for this young lady would be - don't take yourself or the correct pronounciation of your name too seriously and WE have a Super Hero! 

Super Hero - Sabra

Saturday, March 10, 2018


 We have witnessed many "close calls" over the years, and some of them could easily have been us.  It only takes a little distraction and wham, you back right over a stump.  

I took these photos while sitting at my desk after knocking on my window and yelling, STOP, but it was rather a lot like yelling at your TV. 

The RV owner was able to move forward with minimal damage to the undercarriage and much wiser.  
The RV park maintenance man showed up shortly after with a chainsaw in hand.

There can be a lot of drama watching people move in and out.  Colorful language and lots of yelling are always fun, but you can spot the seasoned RV'ers: barely a word passes between them, just hand signals and nodding of the head - poetry!

I have found myself running after folks waving my arms as they are pulling out of their campsite with a door open, the TV antenna extended or even air vents open.  

We have been through two TV antennas, lost fenders, a broom fell out of an open door - "Excuse me," said the nice lady in the car in the next lane, "but your broom fell out." We have even driven over a plastic wheel chock. Those things can explode, given enough pressure.

We have a checklist of sorts and never celebrate moving day in a hurry.  It takes about 2 hours to prepare the move, including hitching up haRVey. 

And always as we hit the road we say responsively, 
Initiator:       Lord be with us as we travel, 
Respondant:  that our house may not unravel.

Good Stuff We Love

We are celebrating ten years of this joyful journey and I can honestly say that almost every day is my favorite. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ascension in Apple Valley

A nice tribute

We have parked our house at Ascension Lutheran Church in Apple Valley, California four times.  With each visit, we become better acquainted with the people and the town. Our Google maps app can take a break while we knowingly travel around Apple Valley.  

The biggest claim to fame for the area is Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, who were both civic-minded and contributed much to the area. 

I celebrated my Birthday in Apple Valley at ...
Pamparara! A great Birthday meal.

Perhaps you have noticed

I have nothing to add

Fifi? Fifi, where are you?

...or make it stop

I love Wisconsin


Do you smell that?

Star Wars Then and Now

We went to see Star Wars in 1977, one of our first dates...

...Forty years later we went to see Star Wars, we still like dates!