Wednesday, January 22, 2014

At Home on the Road

At home in Cornelius, OR

At home in Carlisle, Ontario (SNOW?)

At home in Moorhaven, Florida

At home in New Germany, Minnesota

At squishy home in Beaumont, California

At home in Apple Valley, California

At home in Oak Creek, California

Still at home in Oak Creek

At home in Spokane, Washington

At home in Mount Vernon, Washington

At home near Lodi, California
If home is where the heart is, we are at home all over the country - just the way we like it.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It is In The Bag!

These faithful ladies have been preparing sack lunches for the homeless for the last six years.  We are parked at Ascension Lutheran in Apple Valley, California, and since my front door is but ten steps from the kitchen, I simply showed up to help. They put me right to work and made me feel part of the group. 

Each lunch bag contains:
apple sauce and a spoon, a granola bar, chips, a bottle of water, and a sandwich.
The ladies bag up lunches every other Wednesday, from 10:15 until about 10:50 this includes placing the sixty assembled lunches in the car for delivery to the soup kitchen in town. While we worked the conversation jumped around, but mostly revolved around who would pick up what was needed for next time.  Thrivent Financial supplies a good portion of the funds needed through area chapters, but these gals do all the leg work. It was a joy for me to spend time with these ladies who are happily serving.

Many hands working together make for an easy task! The lunches are ready for transport and are being handed out today as I compose this blog post. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Coachella Wild Bird Center

All of the birds housed at the Center have been injured and are either permanent residents or just doing a little physical therapy and will be released into the wild upon graduation.  

Siva is a falcon, but without seeing the daily intake and entree preference, you really don't get the whole picture. :)

In the cage right next to Siva were two very alive California Quail. Cruel joke. 

As we walked around, the workers were talking shop...
"I took 15 mice out of the freezer for tomorrow."  YUM.

It was a great field trip and the workers/volunteers were quite animated when talking about the birds in their care.
I think it is with such love that our heavenly Father moves in all of us a desire to use the gifts He gives each of us.  
A recuperating Kestrel with beautiful coloring.

Ulia, is a Great Horned Owl who apparently eats 3 - 4 mice per day.