Monday, December 13, 2010

Lambert's Cafe

 Two blog entries about food, back to back.

My friend, Paulette, emailed me about a restaurant in Branson, Missouri, where they "throw the rolls." I made a mental note to stop in at Lambert's Cafe when next we hit Branson.  As we were traveling to visit the USS Alabama on Mobile Bay, I spied a billboard - while taking a break from helping Dave drive - "home of throwed rolls." So, on Sunday afternoon following church in Gulf Breeze, Florida, there we were in Foley, Alabama, and I was catching a throwed roll!  It was a wonderfully southern meal which included boiled cabbage, black-eyed peas and fried okra - at Lambert's they call these the pass-arounds - all this topped off with a pulled-pork sandwich and slaw, plus throwed rolls.
(pictured is one of our servers with rolls at the ready!)
Lambert's Cafe  Thanks Paulette.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Waffle House

 When visiting a Waffle House, you will be greeted enthusiastically by every employee who is able and you will be served very good coffee (that is my opinion). 
If you order hashbrowns - and who wouldn't? - you can order them plain OR you can choose from the menu pictured on the left. 

I like my hashbrowns smothered, covered, diced, and capped.  Believe me when I say the first time you hear a server yell across the counter, "smothered, covered, diced and capped, " you will just laugh out loud.  How can you have a bad day when it starts of with coffee and smothered,covered, diced, and capped?

You may have guessed that Waffle House also serves waffles, I have not tried them - yet. Dave thinks they are wonderful with pecans.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Small World

Dave and I sang for an Advent service in Stockbridge, Georgia, this past week.  As I was greeting folks at the CD table, I met Marlen Baerenwald.  When he said his name, I automatically said the name of the only Baerenwald I know... "As in Darla Baerenwald?" He said, "Darla is my niece!"  Darla and I met in 1977 when we were college roommates at Concordia, St. Paul. Darla lives in Texas, Marlen lives in Georgia, and I live on the road.   Hey Darla, I met your uncle!
Additional note: Marlen grew up in Worthington, Minnesota, near Dave's boyhood home.  I love it when God gives us reminders of the connection we have to each other and to Him.