Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Advice

This is a sign I saw at Lake Mead National Park.  It is good advice to keep in your back pocket and refer to it when the need arises.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Roy Rogers and Apple Valley

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans lived in Apple Valley, California.  We did not know that when we pulled haRVey into town.  We did, however wonder about the Happy Trails Highway and then, Dale Evans Blvd. 
For a little down home information about Roy and Dale, visit the link.

The Cowboy's Prayer is posted just outside the area where Roy and Dale Evans are buried in the Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Sunset Chapel just outside the town of Apple Valley.

A little trivia for all of you Roy Rogers fans... 
His real name is?   

Leonard Franklin Slye and Frances Octavia Smith

Butts Up!

This is a view of the dam from the "New" Mike O' Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Hoover Dam with Lake Mead in the background

Hoover Dam is so enthralling, people forget to show off their best side!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Name This Mutant!

While in Lancaster, California, I visited the neighborhood Farmer's Market (every Thursday, afternoon throughout the winter) and found these very interesting KIWI.  I bought six for a buck - pictured here are four - I know it looks like 10 or so.  I also found a great deal on strawberries, wasabi peanuts, and I could have had kettle korn, but willpower won out - I bought cupcakes instead. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Bathroom Cleaner

In our house we tend to keep items that have dual purpose.  On the left in this photo you can see our Waterpik, a Christmas gift to ourselves.  

Since acquiring this little gem, my bathroom cleaning time has been cut significantly!  After filling the blue reservoir and turning it to the "on" position, you simply hold on for dear life and try not to inadvertently drown yourself as water shoots seemingly without end into your mouth.  Self preservation alone urges you remove the business end from your mouth as it continues to spew water all over any area within range.   A little wipe up of your counter, mirror and walls using your shirt as a rag as it is already sopping wet - and you are done!  It is a fabulous gizmo. I am surprised Waterpik does not include bathroom cleaning as part of its advertising campaign.

How To Get a New TV Antenna

When leaving Merced, California, Dave inadvertently or on purpose, left the TV antenna extended catching it on low hanging wires and tearing it off.  

I was not there to verify this action, but he had been talking about a new digital antenna for awhile... 

Dave is on the roof in Lancaster, California, installing the NEW antenna.  It works!