Monday, July 7, 2008

Hummingbirds out my (neighbor's) window

This little beauty was still for just a moment and I was able to get a quick picture. Our camping neighbors have a feeder which has been a source of great fun for us as we watch the antics of these Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, one of God's smallest beautes. It is just a reminder that God loves us so much he gave us small things to cause us to wonder at His huge creation.

Opposing Colors - Still Friends

These are some dear friends of ours who live in Florida. John grew up in Minnesota, Heidi in North Dakota. They were visiting family this past week and stopped in to stay with us for a night on their way home.

I worked with John at Mayer Lutheran High School. I appreciated his candor and dry-but-good humor, and his dedication to Christian education. He was always a bright spot when he stopped in the office. His family is likewise. What a joy to have them with us.

Our family has lived (in exile, except for Dave) in Minnesota for the last twelve years. Finally, although it will be a short stay, we are in the land of the "Green." Johnny is pure "Purple". When one of the kids made note of our tee shirts, well, we had to take a picture.

Johnny Goetz is now serving as principal of Redeemer Lutheran School in Stuart, Florida.

We will see these folks again, God willing, when we spend some time in Florida in January 2009!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today is my mom's birthday

As long as I can remember I have been calling my mom on July 1 to say, "Happy Birthday!" This year, eight months after her death, the day falls flat and brings to mind things I miss about my mom. She had a wonderful quick smile, she always had a pot of coffee ready for a sit down visit, she shopped at Goodwill with all 10 kids and their children in mind - you could never be sure what was coming when she said, "Oh, I found this for you..."

The picture on the right (bottom) was taken after mom opened an afghan made by my daughter, Alyssa.
The one on the left (top) was taken at our annual family camping trip. After many years, this will be our first year of family camping without mom.

A word from someone who can no longer have a sit down visit and a cup of coffee with her mom - don't take it for granted.

I miss her in this life, but I look forward to our NEW Birth day in heaven where we will celebrate life to the fullest with our Lord and Savior - I am sure there will be coffee.