Friday, July 30, 2010

Camp St. John's

We have been living at Camp St. John's in Pinconning for the last 10 days. It has been a great stay with kind hospitality at each turn.
In the photo on the left you see a hub with LOTS of 30 AMP outlets. St. John's hosts a camping weekend each year, the first 16 campers get to have electricity. I am sorry we will not be here for that exciting event - watching men "help" each other park their RV's. Imagine being number 16 - yikes the "help" alone could have the makings of a reality TV show.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pinconning Michigan

Chris Jung and I worked together at Mayer Lutheran High School a few years ago. It was nice to see him again and meet his folks, Dave and Laurie. It was also a treat to discover they all have hidden roadie talent! Please note the H & H Bakery sign in the background. It is one of my new favorites. Sometimes, you can buy happiness.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Always Good Advice

Tooth Brush Mystery!

When we celebrate "Moving Day" about once a week, there are chores we each must do. One of my chores is to place whatever might become airborne in a safe place. We stopped in a parking lot for lunch and as I opened the RV door I heard a strange sound. Sometimes the inverter makes noise, I checked that first. Maybe the water pump? No. Standing very still I strained to listen... I followed the sound to my bathroom sink where my battery-operated tooth brush had fallen because I had not put it in a safe place, and was busily scrubbing the bottom of my sink. Mystery solved. I love moving day.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Yesssss We Have Internet"

We chose a site on top of the hill at Riverview Campground. It is lovely, but not the most scenic, nor on the river, it is on high ground where we have enjoyed cell phone and internet coverage because...

This was the scene (on the right) out our window. We saw folks trudge up the hill from their scenic "on the river" sites to check their messages and make calls because... there is no cell phone coverage on the river.

Thinking Outside the Box

Just because this fire pit used to be inside a washing machine does not mean that it can't hold a flame in the campground. I thought this was a pretty clever idea. Do you have an old washing machine? Do you need a fire pit? Problem solved.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Princeton, Wisconsin

Through the trees you can see our house parked at the home of Pastor Bob and Carol Busse. In the foreground is their magnificent garden, which is much bigger than it appears in the photo. We were the happy recipients of a few zucchini and kohlrabi - we were offered more, but we only have so much space and zucchini multiplies when you are not looking. It was a super private campground with very hospitable hosts. Thanks Bob and Carol, our dear friends.

On Monday, July 5 we had a concert at Calvary Lutheran Church. There were about 100 people in attendance, which as I like to say, "blessed our socks off" with the attendance. Before a concert we pray for those who will attend that the message will touch a needy part of their life and bring them God's peace in the midst of their challenge.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Smart Animals

I do not want to knock other states about the intelligence of their wildlife, but do the deer and turkey's in your state have to register to vote?

Nancy's Notions

I do not sew nor do I know how to embroider or quilt, but when I did have regular TV, I would on occasion watch Nancy. I just liked the way she made sewing look like an easy thing to do. A number of my friends sew claiming it is a relaxing hobby - right.

So, here I am with Nancy Zieman - I have met a celebrity! She really is just the way she appears on TV - very kind indeed.

Nancy's Notions is located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.