Friday, December 21, 2012

and Plus this is Cool

Jeremy putting the final touches on the new 30 amp outlet!

We arrived at Bethlehem on Monday afternoon, set up our house and went to the beach, as I mentioned in an earlier blog.  

On Wednesday evening, after the Advent service, we were visiting and of course someone asked if we had everything we needed (we thought we did).  In our perfect world all churches and schools would have a 30 amp outlet conveniently located for RV use.  Dave jokingly said something along those lines in a truly innocent fashion.  On Friday morning a 30 amp outlet was installed for us!  

Dave was talking with Alex Limbaugh - of Limbaugh Electrical Contractors.  :)  

Membership Does Have Perks

We are parked at Bethlehem Lutheran in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The very cool thing about this particular church is that - we are members!  

Dave is on staff as a missionary-at-large.  His job is to travel the country, sing and talk about Jesus, His saving work and costly love for each of us.  We LOVE our work.  It has been encouraging for us to be here and just - attend.  As all pastors, Dave would rather preach than sit in the pew, but sometimes it is nice to soak it in.  

Now, this may not seem a big deal, but as the fellowship book was handed to me during the offering and as I wrote my name and check the box marked, "member," I was stunned with thankfulness.   A place to belong.  That does not happen to me very often.  The nature of our life means constant travel and we love it.  But for these next few weeks... it is nice to belong. :)

Epiphany and Christmastime

On a Friday evening  in early December, the people of Epiphany Lutheran in Tallahassee,

host an appetizer and dessert gathering.  The tables are decorated by the host/hostess of that table for six or eight.

Guests share appetizers, drinks and fellowship followed by entertainment.  Dave and I were the entertainment - fun for us because we got to share the "eats" too. 

This is Deena, she is one of so many across the country who keep us going through their prayers. Thanks, Deena.

After the entertainment - the fun continues as everyone shares dessert and coffee while mingling around and visiting.  

It was a wonderful calorie-laden evening!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wasting No Time ....

... we went to the beach.

We arrived in Jacksonville yesterday afternoon. After setting up our house, we went to the beach. 

This morning we just missed sunrise, but still a glorious view!  Thank you God for such beauty!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Fridge

Before living in an RV full-time, I did not give much thought to the quantities of food I purchased. Five cans for a buck, you bet.  The big box is a better deal, buy that. A Costco Membership? Sign me up!  

NOW we try to buy only what we need for the week, but as you see here our refrigerator door is always full of a bit of everything.  

There are a few non-negotiable items: coffee, coffee creamer and some sort of good cheese. That is it for me.

We are still Costco members, with very different buying habits.  Most items that will need refrigeration? Forget it.  We can buy in smaller quantities that will fit in the fridge and still have room for other items.  

I love pizza!  Frozen pizzas fit, if you decide that closing the door is not necessary or if you remove it from the box. Pizza from a pre-made crust is the way to go for us.

On occasion as we shop the aisles of whatever local grocery store, we must continually evaluate how much space we actually have.  As Dave adds one more item to our cart I sometimes say, "it is your turn to make everything fit in the fridge - and good luck with that."

I am not complaining at all.  I enjoy the challenge of new grocery stores and finding everything on my list.  Okra will never be on my list, but you can find many varieties here in the South.  Boiled peanuts can be found in grocery stores in Georgia, I will have to try them.

This type of shopping holds true for our cupboards as well.  We have limited space and weight.  We are not in danger of becoming hoarders of anything.  It is hard to pass up great deals on clothing, food, books, candles, you name it, but as we often remind each other, "if something comes in, something else has to go out."  We have stuck to that mantra pretty well throughout the past four years. 

It is amazing to note that even in our small house on wheels we can accumulate items we seldom use and don't really need. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pecans in Georgia

This is how many of the pecans looked.  After they dry a bit, the outside shell comes right off

While parked in my cousin's backyard, I was able to pick pecans in her yard.  Kathy has two trees.  This is not an ordinary activity when you live "up north."  I thought it would be fun... and it was.

The last time I was given pecans I was in Texas and it was 2009.  The nuts had already been cleaned and I simply had to shell them.  I will do the same again; on a warm, sunny day, I will put on some tunes and crack away. If you are so inclined, you can listen to a little song called, "Pecan Cracking Woman," which my husband wrote and recorded for me.  His creativity astounds me.  Crack on. :)

 the pecan picker...

... works like this.  Rolling over the grass the pecans jump right in the cage.
When you bag them it looks like this.
The same amount of pecans, cleaned of debris and the chore of cracking still ahead of me. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Out My Window

 All views are not created equal.  This is the view out our back window in our current campground in Thomasville, Georgia.

 The next photo is the view out our window in 
 Guntersburg, (pronounced: Gunsburg by the locals.) Alabama.No matter where we travel, adventure waits just outside our door because it is always somewhere new.  God is so very good as He provides wonders to discover; whether it be the people we meet in campgrounds, the family we connect with, or even the sweet retreat with a beautiful view. We give thanks for another day to serve our Savior.

This is the view out of the window at my cousin Kathy's house with one of her pecan trees in the center.