Friday, September 30, 2011

Glacier National Park

We are parked about 30 miles from Glacier National Park this week.  The first chance we had we were on our way!  Dave was disappointed to find that Going to the Sun Road was closed at Avalanche Creek, 16 miles into the park, as of September 16. Also, Lake McDonald Lodge is closed, most of the campgrounds are closed, the souvenir shops are closed, the bathrooms needed by desperate people are closed  too; but, we did not come for camping or snacks, we came because Glacier Park means you are IN THE WEST! It means that you have driven through the plains and grasslands to where you really wanted to go anyway - the mountains! 

We were able to take the 2 mile hike to the lake that feeds Avalanche Creek and the Trail of the Cedars loop. In spite of the early disappointment it was a delightful day with the perfect hiking companion.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gates of the Mountains

During our time in Helena, MT, where we parked in the back lot of First Lutheran proved to be, just as we thought - a great stop.  Dave led the Sunday Services, we sang for the school kids, did a few tourist-ee things including a Gates of the Mountains cruise with Jerry and Bridget.  The Canyon Voyager traveled the Missouri River for two hours, which included quite a bit of history delivered by our driver/pilot about the Mann Gulch fire, area wildlife, and Lewis and Clark, who gave the place its name. 
Jerry and Bridget
Norman Maclean's book, "Young Men and Fire" tells the story.
not the only life preserver
A great day for a boat ride.
I know that I am cramming a lot into one blog entry, but I just have to include a photo of The Sleeping Giant.  Nearly to a person each asked if we had seen it - and we were able to pick him out on the skyline.  Thank you First Lutheran for a memorable time in Helena!
Cool, huh.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Week

Rob and Dave
Just after Labor Day we traveled to Crookston, Minnesota, where we had a great catch-up with Rob Lutz and his family, Dave's college roommate - before me. Rob is a teacher and we sang at his school. Early the next week we moved to Niagara, North Dakota, to sing at St. Andrew Lutheran and enjoyed a catch-up with Denny and Sue Neels, friends from our time in Alaska.  Later that same week we had a concert at Concordia Lutheran in Jamestown, North Dakota, and had a fabulous surprise as a group of dear folks from Hannover, North Dakota, made the trip to see us.  

Denny and some of wood we helped haul from the nearby coulee.
Our Hannover friends.
I know I have blogged this before, but it just blows me away when our paths cross with dear friends whom we treasure!  We have an awesome God who knows a thing or two about joyful reunions! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Garbage Can Dinner

Soda/Pop cans filled with water in the bottom of the can
It is important to start with NEW garbage cans

When pastor Denny asked us to be part of the annual harvest celebration we did not expect to eat out of a garbage can, but my, was it delicious. We thanked God for such a plentiful growing season then sampled His goodness!

 Garbage Can Dinner
1 NEW (approx. 30 gallon metal garbage can
26 empty soda/pop cans filled with water
1 roll (at least) of aluminum foil
1 screen
20 - 30 pounds of carrots
12 onions
40 - 50 potatoes
30 pounds of sausage any kind

Fill the soda cans with water and stand them on the bottom of the NEW garbage can.
Rest a screen on top of the cans and line the rest of the garbage can with foil Then wash all of the vegetables and cut the potatoes and onions and cabbage into halves or quarters.  Layer vegetables in the can on top of the foil-covered screen keep layering and put the sausage and hotdogs on the top layer and cover with the garbage can lid. Place the garbage can on an open fire and steam for 3 to 4 hours.  Remove from fire when vegetables are tender. This recipe will serve 75 - 100 people. 

There are many recipes out there - at your next big gathering feed them right out of the garbage can!

Pastor Denny moving the finished dinner with a dolly

Doesn't that look great!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our New Friend .... Bo Hemoth

The end of an era - the PVC pipe tailgate

everything that rides in the truck bed, okay, not the vacuum cleaner

Bo and haRVey - I hope they can be friends for  a LONG time.

We look different, but ready to roll

Our old truck is in the background (black circle)
We have had an adventure this past week.  Dave stopped in at the local Chevy dealership in Detroit lakes to see about getting a tune-up for the truck as we will be tackling the Rocky Mountains next week and came home a pre-owned one ton, quad cab, dualy diesel truck - it is a monster truck. We now are now in the commercial truck class for licensing and tags - hence the name: Bo Hemoth.

We knew the old truck needed some work done, but by the time all reports were in it was not in our best interest to fix it ($10,000+). YIKES! 
Our truck has been with us for 4 years.  It is the only truck haRVey has ever known - us either, for that matter.

Now here comes the cool God part... Bo, our new truck, had been in the lot one week. The previous owner runs a trucking company and kept the truck in tip-top shape. Dave has said about our old truck, "I wish our truck had..." this one does have that plus the back door locks work, there is a working speaker on the passenger door and there is a step to get into the truck.  I was sort of graceful at making the leap from the street to the passenger seat - sort of. But now I don't have to. It walks away with our house where the old one struggled. We are glad to have it for our trip into the Wild West. And it is still under warranty. Thank you, Lord, for your constant care.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back in 1956

Vera and Marilyn
Imagine our surprise when Vera wondered if Dave was a relative of Elmer Horn - his grandfather. Elmer was the bank manager in Fulda for many years and Vera was a teller.  In 1956 when Vera was ready to move on and leave her bank job, Elmer said, "it is too bad that you are not a man because you would have a bright future. You are smart, and very good with numbers, but everyone knows women are too emotional to endure the stress of such work."

But not everyone knows that Vera went on to become the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a large corporation in the Watertown, South Dakota, area.    :)