Thursday, April 30, 2015

The States of Roaming

You know this sign says Missouri, it is just MISSing.


I have skipped/missed a few states y'all.

In Missouri :)

Missed the actual sign, but as you can see we are in Louisiana

I am sure they mean this in a nice way. 

Worst camping ever - left me in a terrible STATE!

Missed the sign - again.  Apparently 50 mph is too fast for me.

North??? Carolina - 50mph is still too fast.

Virginia, no comment on speed

We spent three weeks in Maryland - Bel Air, Bowie, and Pasadena. Thank you. 

We are parked in Lancaster, PA for a few days then off to New York - I might be able to add another state photo, then again maybe not.  This post logs our journey since October 2014.  There is much more to say about the people and the ministry, but for now, as  STATED, it has been and continues to be a wonderful life journey. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Sweet Life

Our dear friends of MANY years and at each get together the years fall off and it is yesterday! 

We enjoy our New friends too. Pastor Arnie in Clearwater, Florida

A little filing before singing.

Singing and telling everyone about Jesus is a Great joy for us.

A bike ride on a sunny day!  Indeed, a Sweet Life. Thanks be to God.

Dinner is Served!


At Epiphany in Tallahassee, Florida, members get together weekly to put together enough food to feed about 150 homeless people.  This is only part of the operation: buttering bread, boiling the noodles, mixing up the Chicken Alfredo, transport, then serving, another step. Each member doing their part and handing it off to the next. It makes everyone part of the whole and serving.
I only watched the busy hands working, because (and I understand this) my help would slow them down! 
I LOVE to see the Body of Christ in action.