Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dogs on the Prairie

Ted taking a break from demolishing a basketball. Tennis balls pose no challenge for him. 

This is Lexie. Sometimes I expect her to answer me as she shows off her big brown eyes to my query.

We miss having a a dog.  I have seen many people who live in an RV with one, two, and sometimes three dogs.  As we visit with folks all over the country, we do get our "pet fix."  Sometimes when we enter a home we can hear a dog begging to join the fun.  We ALWAYS say, please let your dog out we are not afraid of dogs and miss having one around.  Usually what follows is apologies as the dogs jump and wag, but we just laugh and enjoy being with a furry friend for awhile. Then go home to haRVey where we can enjoy sitting on furniture without chew marks.  However, we do have one small foot stool with puppy teeth marks gouged into the legs which we would not trade - thank you, Misty. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little House on the Prairie

We are happy to be parked at the home of a friend in Minnesota, for a much needed visit with our family.  We will be parked in one spot for about six weeks, an unheard of length of time. The closest town is called New Germany, the closest paved road is about a mile away.  My father-in-law would have loved the straight rows of corn, and the wild grass in the ditches.  Being here reminds me of time spent on his farm.  The farming life may not have been his first choice, but he certainly embraced it; and thanked the Lord in season and out of season. 

Ours is the little house in the foreground. :)

While we are here we will track the progress of the corn out my window, the precipitation, and the exciting happenings on the prairie.Why? Because if my father-in-law were here, he would do just that. - just a bit ago I watched a deer gracefully jump the fence and prance across the field. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Alleluia! Small Town, Warm Welcome

 This was our second trip to Wrightstown, Wisconsin, and once again, nothing but joy.  Many people remembered us from our last visit and were eager to catch up on the last two years. When you are without firm roots, this connection is sweet. 

Pictured here is Sammy, with her mom and dad, Krissy and Pastor Aaron.  She was only two months old when last we saw her.  

Alleluia  Lutheran in Wrightstown - do you see haRVey ?

 Alleluia hosts a food pantry once a month for families in the area. I visited with one lovely lady who was a food pantry customer while she was unemployed; and now she volunteers to pick up donations and help serve others.  She is thankful the pantry and people of Alleluia were able to offer her much-needed help.  I pray the Lord will continue to provide the help and encouragement to those who are in need. 

Once a month food pantry at Alleluia - guests can freely take what they need, bags are provided.

Workers getting the food set up

As the food disappears into grocery bags the tables are put away.
By the end of the morning - only one table remained.