Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So, Three Mice Go Into an RV

Once upon a time a lovely young, young beautiful lady discovered water on the floor in her RV.  She hastily removed everything from the area and punched out - without breaking, the panel where the water seemed to be concentrated.  Low and behold she cleverly discovered a leak in a plumbing connection. Noting how wet the area was she deduced it had been leaking for quite some time.  Her tall, handsome and handy husband set about fixing the gusher. The glamorous couple decided to leave the panel off to dry out the area and keep an eye on the hose.  

That very evening the pair returned to their RV mansion and, when they turned on the lights, to the horror of the beautiful and normally quite self-possessed woman, she spied a mouse looking up at them with eyes that quickly turned from surprise to panic. As the rodent darted this way and that, searching for cover, the woman, though quite ruffled, did not jump up on a chair and squeal, yet was plainly adamant in her declaration that the mouse and/or mice had to go!

Her brave and diligent husband bought mouse traps to catch the "only" mouse in the house.  Now, however, the very beautiful woman is left to ponder this: if you have captured three mice over the course of four days, how many more can there be? When did they decide to join us on our tour? And can any of the remaining mice play an instrument? Can they carry equipment? But really, what does it matter? We don't negotiate with rodentists.

PS: I have no photos because who wants to see a dead mouse with his head caught in a.... well, never mind.