Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Only One Month Left

Ahhh... there is no place like home! In one month Dave and I will move into HaRVey and hit the road.

Let's talk about fear of the unknown. Thankfully, we are known by name, by our Heavenly Father. We have prayed and will continue to pray the music will make a difference and people will be moved by the Spirit into a relationship with the Father who knows all about our fears.

A new CD on the way

This is just one of the many faces of Dave... Yes, he is crabby sometimes, but aren't we all?

This is the hat Dave wears when he sings "The Ten Commandments," one of his original songs which will be featured, in a live version, on his kid's CD. Dave wears other hats as well... he bakes, cleans, does laundry... Dave is a keeper no matter the hat.

One Month Ago Today!

It is hard to believe that only one month ago I was standing on the beach. The picture is very small, but I assure you that is me and my good buddy Linda waving at you from Florida.

There are many things in this life that can bring you down and steal your Joy, and flying from warm, shorts- weather Florida to wind-chilled, below twenty, Minnesota is one of them.

I have decided that unless you really love it, heaven will not have cold weather or snow and we will all live in a house on the beach. Now there's a thought to restore your Joy. As a side note it is 82 degrees in Ft. Myers, Florida today and a whopping 32 in my little Minnesota town.