Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Special Comfort

These photos do not do justice to the beauty of these handmade treasures.

The afghan was created by my daughter and has been a cozy comfort while working on my blog or reading. It always reminds me of her - and I smile.

Alyssa's grandma taught her to crochet when she was in junior high, she has since taken the craft to a whole new level.

The quilt was made by my dear friend who has a truly creative eye and a very patient hand.

While our space is very limited, it is great to have a few things that are "keepers" no matter what. Thank you Alyssa and Barb.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Solar Panels

While not completely installed, Dave has been working on getting the whole system working and making energy.

It is our hope that we will make it easier for churches and schools to allow us a space - no electricity needed!

Golf Cart City

A bank with a Golf Cart drive through, roads for carts only, parking spaces - golf cart sized at the post office.

The photo with carts on a bridge was taken on the cart trail which runs the perimeter of the park. Many dogs enjoy riding in carts too.

We have enjoyed our stay in Titusville, FL at The Great Outdoors - even without a golf cart.

Friday, December 19, 2008

HaRVey's Pad in Titusville, Florida

Thank you to John and Betty Bartman who have allowed us to park in their space at The Great Outdoors RV Resort.
It is beautiful and the weather is fine. It is hard to believe it is December! Snow? What snow and
yes, those are Palm trees.

PVC Pipe Dreams

Dave has long been a fan of PVC pipe.

In our family it is a running joke about Dave's building projects and PVC pipe. He has built book shelves, most of a Kayak (in storage right now), and studio gizmos for recording to name a few. He always has a few pieces of PVC on hand because you never know...
Dave was quick to note how fishermen used PVC pipe. Our current GPS set up is built with - you guessed it - PVC pipe.

Common Sense and Good Advice

As a mom there are a few things that just go without saying, but perhaps they should not...

LHS Jacksonville

Not your typical Lutheran High School. There are currently 15 students attending this beautiful facility.

Some might look and see an office building, but the charter members of this school saw incredible possibilities!

Thank you Mr. Siewert for allowing us to sing for your kids.

Please pray for this fledgling school.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deep South

When Dave introduces himself and tells people where he is from, he says, "I am from the deep south... in Minnesota where we are sometimes referred to as Iowans." It always draws a laugh.

I met a woman while taking a walk on the beach who said her favorite weather comment was, "I hope this cold snap does not last long, I only have one pair of pants."

We are enjoying the hospitality of Bethlehem Lutheran in Jacksonville Beach, FL., about ten blocks from the beach, and two blocks from the laundromat. The beach is much more fun. :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Well-Seasoned haRVey

Whenever anything new or unexpected happens with haRVey our first thought is PANIC. Dave is usually calmer than I.
While enjoying a wayside break from driving, we noticed the refrigerator hose had spewed out an amber brown liquid with droplets fanned over the face of the RV. Upon closer inspection, the amber liquid smelled like soy sauce! It was indeed, soy sauce. With a much lighter heart we checked the fridge to find the soy sauce had tipped over in transit and drained out into the hose and on to the side of haRVey - a well-seasoned RV.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aiken State Park

We are staying in Aiken State Park in South Carolina this week. Here is the cool thing, we are the only people camping - even the camp host has bugged out. There must be something to the 24 degrees at night thing going on. During the day we are enjoying a balmy 58 degrees. Folks from South Carolina must think this is cold - while stalwart Minnesotans are still in tee shirts and thinking about swimming.

This park closes at 6 PM. The gates are locked and if you do not know the code - you are sleeping in your truck outside the park which defeats the purpose of camping. We do in fact know the code. NO amount of torture will wring even one number from our lips - mum's the word.