Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Signs

I thought both of these signs were interesting.
Makes you think - hmmmmmmmmmm.

Here's Your Sign

Here are four reasons why an RV should not travel secondary roads in the mountains.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Year

God has led us on an amazing journey beginning on April 26, 2008 - we have now completed one full year of life on the road. Our daily bread has been tasty and plentiful. Our weak hearts have been doubtful we could continue due to small insignificant setbacks and have heard again and again: "I will be with you." We have rejoiced with fellow believers in many different towns across the country.
God has provided many faithful servants who teach, lead, support, pray, and continue to share the good news of our risen Savior. It has been a delight to meet and work with them. Lord, please keep us going for another year - at least!
  • We have traveled 3,000 miles, we try not to travel more than 120 miles per week.
  • changed only one tire (so far)
  • sung in 115 venues for people of all ages,
  • set up haRVey about 65 times - we are getting quite good at it.
  • serviced the truck twice - yikes
  • serviced the RV only once - well done Kelly and team at RV Masters (Houston)
  • parked our house in 23 states
  • claimed 64 birds for my birding life list
  • saw two alligators in the wild (Florida) -- FROM MY BIKE!
  • saw three aero-space museums (Ohio, Florida, Kansas)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Singing in Seward

Here is a very cool thing about being part of God's family.

Jonathan is the son of one of our friends from our six years spent in Juneau, Alaska.

Teagan is one of the students who attended Mayer Lutheran High School, and lived in Glencoe, MN where we lived for eight years.

Both Teagan and Jonathan attended our concert at Concordia University - Seward. I love it when we can see a glimmer of the huge party we will have when all of our little worlds come together in one big blast.

HaRVey a little Flat

It is amazing how one small nail can can bring your whole day to a full and complete stop.

On the other hand, we learned it is not so hard to fix a flat. Nebraska I-80 rest areas are great for this. The 6-ton hydraulic jack we picked up at Tractor Supply came in pretty handy.

To be truthful, Dave fixed the flat. I took pictures and tried to sound encouraging.

(Dave's note: "Small nail???")

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our backyard in York

We parked in the lot of Emanuel Lutheran Church for about a week. It was a wonderful stay filled with hospitality extended to us by church members and students of the school.
One afternoon as we were working in the RV, we heard 3rd and 4th graders making the usual sounds of recess. Bursting into the quiet of our work came children singing, "We will, we will rock you..." Dave and I burst out laughing. True to form the kids only knew that one line singing it over and over... we were tempted to jump out of the RV playing air guitar and finish it up, but it would have ruined recess.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

PVC Pipe Dreams - again

I know that I have posted a few notes regarding Dave's unending challenge to change/take over the world using PVC pipe.

The tailgate on our truck kept falling open at the most inopportune times - while driving on the freeway or while you were standing behind it. We decided that a different tailgate was in order. As we looked at trucks, passing us on the freeway, and at 5th wheel tailgates for sale, passing us on our wallet, Dave determined that PVC pipe was the answer.

With a regular tailgate, you must remember to open it before hitching up the RV. Not so with our new gate. With a regular tailgate, there is a lot of added weight. Not so with our new gate.

We have leftover pipe, but not to worry: with Dave Horn, the Red Green of PVC pipe, another project is just around the bend. I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together.


Just around the bend came sooner than we thought. About one mile down the road from Christ Community Lutheran School in Watertown, MN, we realized our t.v. had not been secured. PVC Dave was quick to say with a snap of his fingers, "I know just what to do." Within moments a solution was found. There we were hanging off the side of County road 10 flashers flashing, while PVC Dave fashioned the solution to our dilemma. It worked like a champ and we were on our way!

Thank you Mayer Lutheran High School

Upon leaving my job at Mayer Lutheran High School in April 2008, I was given a gas gift card. As we traveled east and south I kept looking for Super America, but in a sea of quick stops, no Super America - until....

Over Easter as we traveled to Minnesota to visit with our son, there on the horizon in red, white and blue - a Super America.

Thank you MLHS for the gift of gas... ;)