Thursday, September 26, 2013

haRVey Inside Out

Since my previous blog was about parking and photos of the outside, I thought perhaps a tour of the inside might be in order.
I have watched a few TV shows about defining spaces, clearly we need to work on that. Until we do, our little house has everything we need VERY close by. 

Our kitchen and dining room table  

My desk and the family room. The kitchen is also right there for easy access.

the family room area which also doubles as extra dinner seating. Please note how the three guitars, banjo, mandolin, and  bass guitar are close at hand - always.  When you spend the night you will also find pillows and extra blankets behind the loveseat.   

Our office area with a handy exercise room right there!  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HaRVey Parking!

 If you follow my blog, you have seen a photo much like this one.  This is our campsite in Spokane, Washington, at St. John's out in the country.

These next two are photos of haRVey were taken at our campsite in Ellensburg, Washington, which is just to the East of Snoqualmie Pass.

This is site 150 in Fall City, Washington, at Tall Chief Campground.  This is a very nice campground.

Which brings us to Elma RV Park in - you guessed it - Elma, Washington.  This is a back in site without much wiggle room.  Dave did a great job.  Our neighbors were kind enough to move their car while we backed in. :)  I took this picture of "between" the sites as it is most telling that all RV sites are not created equal.  

As we travel and make reservations ahead of ourselves, we do not know what it will look like apart from a very general idea. 
Most campgrounds have a laundry room and full hook-up (water, sewer, electric).  

The thing I really enjoy is we don't know exactly what it will be or who we will meet, however; I do know where my coffee pot is located, where my computer will be, where my favorite jammies can be found, plus any comfort food purchased will be just where I left it before we last moved. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

John Ford Clymer - Ellensburg Washington

Perhaps I am too young to know about John F. Clymer, but I am now acquainted with him - happily so. 
 Upon entering the museum, located in Ellensburg, Washington, I was greeted and asked if I would like to see the video. Of course I would, and glad I did. :)  Mr. Clymer was a contemporary of Norman Rockwell, and they both created illustrations for magazine covers. All told Mr. Clymer did 90 covers for the Saturday Evening Post. 

Below are a few samples of his beautiful work.

Just in case you have not been to Ellensburg.   

Monday, September 9, 2013

haRVey in the Shop

haRVey on his way to the doctor!

Normally, when you need a little work done in your home you just have to be there when the repairman comes to the door.  In our case we must pack a bag in anticipation of spending the night elsewhere.  

We have known for awhile that the brakes needed work, but it is hard to coordinate being away from your home, office, studio for any length of time.  Knowing that I-90 and a 6% downhill grade coming into Seattle is waiting for us, we decided that Kennewick, Washington, would be the place to have the brakes fixed. We were funny as we watched out house go by on the way to the garage. "Watch the curb, he is going to bottom out the bumper," and "man, he is taking that corner awfully close."  We should not have wasted our worry! 


Getting a little EXTRA help/advice from Bob in the service department.

"Did you know you can ...." men and trucks - I went for a walk... 

... to look at perhaps a future haRVey.
Russ Dean's Family RV treated us very well.  We did not have to spend the night elsewhere!
Our brakes were fixed and they were so kind to answer ALL of our many questions.

haRVey in Spokane

Our private RV park at St. John's was located in their overflow lot.  It is one of our favorite parks!  Late in the evening we could hear the coyote's talking, during the day the turkey's visited - no I mean "real" turkey's.

We were shade covered from 11:30 am through the rest of the day. That is important only because we could not use our air-conditioner and the daily temperature was in the low 90's.  

Sunday evening we were privileged to sing for the members and friends of St. John's.  Thank you for the kind hospitality - see you in two years.     

Early concert goers scoping out their space.
Even outside Lutherans choose to sit in the back! :)