Sunday, March 17, 2013

Glad Sound

Pastor George and Annette Krueger
 In the summer of 1978 I was part of a musical group organized through Concordia College called Glad Sound.  We traveled around the Upper Mid-west singing at churches and doing PR for the school.  It was a growing experience for me to be around such talented people, most of whom remain friends all these years later.  I am grateful the Lord has seen fit to give me the gift of these dear ones.

Pastor George are snowbirds now. He remembered my weird name and wondered if I was one of the group who sang at his church in Ortonville, MN in 1978.  Of course I am.  He talked about how his family enjoyed the concert and how we inspired a few of his kids  to check out Concordia.  I am pretty sure there were many other factors, but it was nice to hear that we made an impression.  We had a fine visit.  Pastor George likes to talk fishing and of course he always brings ----- A net.  (his wife's name is Annette)  Annette smiles and rolls her eyes, she has heard it a million times.

The First Lutheran Church Annual "Snowbird" potluck.  It was a lot of fun. There are so many interesting people in this world!

House Plants Gone Wild

 Throughout my childhood, I recall my mom having a house plant like this one, but much smaller and contained in a nice ceramic pot.  It was nothing like this outdoor landscape-sized plant in Clearwater, Florida.

This nice house plant is as tall as a house, giving new meaning to the term "house plant", and I think was referred to as a prayer plant and never achieved "the size of a house" status.

Do you see the ferns growing from the Palm tree?  Again, house plants gone wild!

I was unable to get a good picture of this TREE.  My grandmother always had a Rubber Tree in the living room. It touched the ceiling and had to be trimmed often. The Rubber Tree was decorated for Christmas, and we cheerfully teased Grandma about her crazy tree. I believe it was a gift from her son who lives in Miami, Florida. 
The size of this Rubber tree amazed me - it has branches.  

Until last week I thought all of these plants were of the indoor variety to help everyone in the northern climes get through the white winter months.  Imagine my surprise as I walked around the neighborhood in Clearwater, noticing how beautiful "house plants" can be when allowed space to GROW outside the house.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

So, Where is the House?

"Bertha, I am telling you I built a beautiful nest just for you.  It was even in a cage of sorts to keep us safe!"

"I found some great smelling cottony stuff to pad the bottom."

AND, it was undercover of a big white thing that hardly moved in the wind - it was perfect."

Sadly, Benny Bird built the nest in my bicycle basket over the course of two days when I did not ride my bike.  Poor Benny, Bertha will never believe him.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MRV Resort Moore Haven Florida

Our address for the past week has been MRV Resort in Moore Haven, Florida. 

There are RV trailer homes with license plates from all over the country parked here.  My favorite experience: one afternoon a group of ladies from Quebec, were in the pool, they were having a great conversation with lots of laughter.  I could not understand a word they said.  When they spoke to me, in English, I begged them to ignore me and continue in their native French, as I was imagining myself in some exotic climate enjoying the scenery and floating peacefully with my noodle (which I call noodling - think what you will, I am not changing the name.) When I opened my eyes, there I was in an exotic climate - 80 degrees -  listening to some lovely ladies talk about their children, their lives, their travel plans, and getting to know one another - at least that is my guess as I do not speak French.  it was quite nice and relaxing to let their language flow over me without any preoccupation on my part to join in or even follow the gist.  

The pool 

Our spot 

There have been a few afternoons when the only people in the pool hail from Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada or Maine.  The folks from the "northern" states such as Tennessee, North or South Carolina and Virginia feel that 75 is too cold for a swim. I  have not experienced real winter weather in five years, but it is still nice to acknowledge my thick northern blood. 

One afternoon we met Andy and Sue, who are from Pennsylvania and stopped over on their way to Key West, Florida.  Andy brought out his fiddle and of course we were drawn to the music and joined in as he played. What fun. 

You're a Lizard Harry

This photo does not do justice to his size. I am quite sure he was 3 ft long.

I know this Fence Lizard looks small and unable to do any harm.  BUT... if you know there is a lizard in your house and he has access to your body while you are sleeping he grows with every real or imagined sound or movement.

While parked at Zachary Taylor campground on Lake Okeechobee, Harry the Lizard decided to move in. (of course we named him.)   I am not sure who was more frightened upon meeting for the first time - me, pretty sure it was me.  Harry spent two nights with us, then Dave was able to capture him with a shelling net and I was able to capture a photo of Harry before he went out to make a new life for himself in Parrish, Florida.