Thursday, August 23, 2012

RV Cleaning

haRVey was parked in a nice little campground spot in Wisconsin - a perfect time to take care of the difficult, time-consuming chore of waxing our home.

On a bright sunny Saturday morning, there we were amidst the happy crowd of folks in swimsuits, life vests, hauling boat trailers, and carrying various items for outdoor fun... and there we were with our wax on, wax off rags strewn about, hoses and a ladder littering  our space.  I must say we were victims of many strange looks as if to say, " you are in a campground, on a weekend, it is sunny, there is a pool right over there."  It was a bit much, but we did complete our chore and politely turned down lucrative offers of more RV cleaning from our neighbors.  

how beautiful is the beaded water!

Nice shine!

Black streaks are always a problem. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sister Time

Amy, Jane and me

Jane and I visited a mushroom farm located just outside of Random Lake.  It was indeed a delight. We brought our mushrooms to the home of my brother, Jesse, for a mushroom heavy on the menu, dinner.  We had portabella mushrooms on the grill, we had sauteed mushrooms with steak, and mushroom appetizers too.  There were a few mushroom haters in the crowd, I am not sure, but I think they put ketchup on their steak! (how uncivilized)
Jane and I also visited a cheese shop, but in Wisconsin... it is not quite a novel as a mushroom farm.

Whenever I am in Wisconsin (God's Country) my sisters and I get together - always fun.  This year we went to Cedarburg for the day. There are many, many shops and our husbands would not have had the stamina or desire to survive such an adventure.  We had lunch outdoors, walked a lot AND stopped for coffee - twice. :)  I thank God for my wonderful sisters. 
In Random Lake, Wisconsin, where Jane lives, there is a little grocery store. Along the back wall you will find an old fashioned ice cream shoppe!  Homemade Shake anyone?  I love small towns.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Uncle Charlie

While we were in Wisconsin this summer, my Uncle Charlie was admitted to the hospital.  Normally, we are far-flung when family events arise, but we were camped only one hour away from Wausau, Wisconsin. On late Sunday afternoon, July 15 we were able to visit with my Aunt Sally, my cousins, Jackie and Jenny and Jenny's hubby, Roy.  We spent a few hours and had a visit filled with the laughter of "remember when," as well as tears for the here and now.

 I have been the recipient of the gift of presence.  I hope you have too.  Sometimes you do not have words to say, but just being there, is gift enough.  Uncle Charlie died on Monday, July 16 and I am so very thankful I listened to that little voice nudging me to take a drive. 

Uncle Charlie on the left, my dad on the right

The funeral was filled with music and remembrances of a life well-lived! In his eulogy, Charlie's grandson, Josh, mentioned many things that made his grandpa special to him.  The gift of time was near the top.  I think my uncle understood that just being there at ball games or swim meets, where Josh could always see Grandpa in the stands, was a special gift of presence he could give his grandson. And he did.

I should also mention that one of the coolest gifts Josh received from his Grandpa - on his 10th birthday, Josh and Grandpa Charlie took a trip to Lambeau Field on a frigid November Sunday to watch the Packers play.  They both enjoyed the view from the warm comfort of a box seat.