Friday, December 28, 2018

What Might Be Silly to You

 Since October, my family has really discovered Snap Chat.  We find it difficult to send any kind of serious message in this format.  
The grands have all discovered that if it is a doggy face, you open your mouth and a tongue rolls out.  Sometimes bunnies or kitties will spit hearts when you open your mouth.  No matter the day, the time, or circumstance, Snap Chat can make you smile. 
So, now after a few months, messages like this are completely normal.
Oh Dave

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Out My Window in Edwardsville

 In late November the weather in the mid-South "usually" does not hover at freezing for so long, but it did just that while we were parked in Edwardsville, IL, at the home of our dear friends, the Lange family.  

This has to be one of my best OMW stays.  Watching horses made me forget that my toes were cold. I was fascinated by their daily routine, who hung out with whom, which horses were best friends, the boss horse, how they communicated, you know, things you ponder about horses. 

I included the OMW shot of the icicle :(  proving it is too cold to be in St. Louis area for Thanksgiving.  

One morning OMW I saw Arrow, the family dog and four of her eight puppies making a break from the barn. I believe that Arrow was thinking, "Listen, I am just going out for coffee, a little book time and just chill. I promise I will be back, really."  These pups made a break with mom.  I grabbed my coat and went out to help Josiah round up the herd.  Josiah and I could be heard saying things like, "I have two," or "we are still missing one," and "yikes, now we have another one loose." It was fun to be around such simple puppy joy.  All eight pups have new homes following the Thanksgiving break.  It was a very nice doggie fix for us as a dog in 8' x 40' just does not appeal to either of us.   

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Halloween in Marengo, Illinois

Wednesday Morning 3/4 full
Sunday Morning

For the past 5 years, this has been a great school fundraiser at Zion Lutheran School.   You pay $2.25 per pound on the honor system. Choose your candy, weigh and pay.  The alcove where the candy was kept made me swoon such happy chocolate memories. 

Grab a bag