Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Minnesota Rocks

On our way down Mount Hood we managed to get this picture. I think it is very instructive. Sure, we're on a mountain. Sure, there are bound to be rocks all about. But sometimes you just have to read the fine print.

A very adventurous visitor to Mount Hood climbed out beyond the guardrail balancing on about one foot of real estate to make sure people would know that "Minnesota" Rocks.

It certainly gave us a good laugh. Although there are no "Mount Hoods" in Minnesota - some of our favorite people live there and that improves the scenery all by itself and insures that Minnesota does, in fact, Rock.

Sutherlin Concert

On a late Saturday afternoon the members of St. John's Lutheran invited the community to a free picnic which included free entertainment. It was a great spread which included hamburgers and hot dogs the size of bratwurst cooked to perfection on this incredible smoker-grill on wheels. We enjoyed laughter and a Gospel message that never gets old - God loves you and He sent His Son because you are so precious He wanted you with Him always.

If you are ever in Sutherlin, Oregon, stop in and say, "hi" to our friends at St. John's.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We were thrilled to attend a concert by Crosby Stills and Nash. We were seated in the 8th row right in the center! It was incredible. They sang all of our favorites and we listened to their wonderful harmony for 2 and 1/2 hours.

Okay, so they look like ghosts. My camera phone does not work very well.

The one thing I did not expect to see on stage... Tums.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Before it becomes a Prune

Behold the lowly plum tree, not much to look at as you can see. The fruit is yummy in the tummy. Don't judge the fruit by the tree.

The tree was in our "yard" when we were parked in Sherwood.

My Friend Willa

I never expected to meet a kindred spirit and make a life-long friend when we moved to Alaska, but God blessed me big time. My friend Willa and her hubby are moving south (out of Alaska :((( ) and were in Vancouver, WA at the same time we were! Of course we got together for breakfast and a lot of coffee. We did not have enough time to get totally caught up, but we certainly made a dent. Blessings to Mike and Willa as they make a new start in the lower 48.

Friday, September 11, 2009

On Labor Day we hiked up Multnomah Falls which is just outside of Portland, Oregon.
We noticed the signs as we began the hike and I blew right by "switchback 1 of 11," however, I decided that it was cruel and unusual punishment to keep reminding me that I was not there yet. After more than one mile and 11 switchbacks.... looking down on the parking lot and out over the Columbia River ... it was worth the trip.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mount St. Helens

The small white dot on the parking lot down below is our truck. While visiting Mount St. Helens, we hiked up 487 steps to get a better view of Spirit Lake.

As we were leaving the parking lot we could not help but notice Alicia, a National Forest Service biologist, who was waving dramatically at a truck quickly driving out of the lot at the end of the Friday work day.... Alicia's car keys were still in the truck.
So we stopped to see if we could help and we could. Why? Because we have Verizon and she has T-Mobile. We called the Ranger Station to see if someone could intercept the truck with Alicia's car keys. After about one hour all was settled. Alicia did not have to spend the night on the mountain, we learned about measuring willow tree saplings without cutting them, and that pumice rock does indeed float, although only for a short amount of time.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pumice Picker?

I know you do not see a sign like this every day.
We saw this sign at Mount St. Helens.