Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pike's Market

Before traveling to Seattle in 2006 I read a great book by Harry Paul called FISH! It was about business, but I liked the underlying story about relationships. The centerpiece of the book was the Pike Place Fish Company (or Market), where they pass the seafood through the air to each other, and sometimes to the customer. They have great fun and exemplify teamwork and shear joy in their work. Crowds gather. So, obviously I had to have my picture taken there.

House Concerts

Dave usually sings in churches and schools, but sometimes he gets to slap mosquitoes in the great outdoors! I could not get the whole crowd in this picture or the folks who were drawn to the Gospel message in music as they were passing by. Notice how a shop light makes a great stage spotlight.

We were at the home of Dave's college roommate Rob Lutz in Crookston, which is in northern Minnesota. Thanks, Rob and Theresa, for opening your home and sharing your friends with us. House Concerts, a fun thing.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ahh...grace in the glorious drizzle

In March 2007 we had the awesome opportunity of singing in and around Victoria. The roads are skinny, the trees big, the people friendly. Dorothy, pictured with Dave, opened her home to us and played tour guide to our tourist. She has a delightful gift of hospitality - Thank you, Dorothy.

It was our second trip to Victoria and Redeemer Lutheran Church, where Pastor Phil Washeim serves his people and the Lord with a light heart and a great sense of humor. From Phil we picked up a very useful expression:"Yeah, yeah, yeah." More volume on the first "yeah," then diminishing in volume and pitch with each successive "yeah" will produce this trademark "YEAH, Yeah, yeah". (Don't overdo it.) We use it all the time. As with most colloquialisms, the meaning is rich and diverse, but basically it means: "Oh, I see where you are going with that. Yes, indeed, I believe I have grasped your meaning. Please move on now to your next point. I am eager to hear it." This is the sort of expression you might expect coming from a colder climate were it is important to conserve as much energy as possible. Phil is from Saskatchewan. There you go.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stuff in Perspective

In April 0f 2007 we hosted a number of garage sales in hopes of downsizing in preparation for our move into the RV. It is amazing how attached we are to our stuff even if we only look at it long enough to dust it.

We sold tables, chairs, knick knacks and more. All of the t.v. shows imply that a house will not sell unless it is properly "staged." I am here to tell you God is bigger than the housing market and he can sell a house even when it has empty rooms.

I must admit when selling all of your stuff, it is hard when people pass over items you have treasured without so much as a glance, but it puts the value of stuff in perspective.

Back in 1979...

When Dave and I were first married - you know, when your furniture consists of bean bags, plywood, bricks, maybe a few decent chairs, and the best sound system you could afford? Well, that is when we lived in this great first floor one bedroom apartment on the south side of Corvallis, Oregon, with the railroad tracks just out back. Our rent was $250 per month.

My favorite album at the time was Dan Fogelberg's "Phoenix." We were huge fans of his. Dave introduced me to his music in college. We saw him in concert several times. His songs bring back good memories. We were saddened to learn that Dan Fogelberg died on December 16, 2007, from prostate cancer. His guitar and writing style influenced Dave's music heavily and will continue to do so.

Our time in Corvallis, Oregon was a great learning experience. I was biking to work one day and had the thought, "it would not be so bad to be a pastor's wife." Dave was thinking, "could I be a pastor?" God has a comedic way with us sometimes.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dave at the Martin Guitar Factory

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While touring in Pennsylvania, Dave was able to tour the Martin Guitar Factory with Pastor Wally Vinovskis. Wally took this picture of Dave playing a Martin D-41 with a Koa back. Dave thought it sounded pretty good, he later found out he had been playing a $20,000 guitar. No wonder it sounded so sweet.

About haRVey

In December 2006, my husband Dave and I took the first steps in following a dream - to travel full-time, live in an RV, and sing about the cross and the empty tomb.

While searching Ebay online we found a great deal on a 5th Wheel RV. (actually, God did as we have never done the Ebay thing.) We called the dealer, he asked us about our truck to which my hubby replied, "We don't have a truck, yet, but we will!"

Dave searched online for a truck that would haul a 35 foot RV. The online search covered the United States and we found the perfect truck - two hours away! So we had both a truck and an RV. This is Dave and I picking up our new friend haRVey in Muskegon, Michigan.

And we still owned a house (isn't it nice?)... We prayed that God would sell our house. With the housing market looking as it does, we knew that if indeed the house did sell, God would be the champion in our housing market. We closed on our house September 28, 2007.

God is our Champion! We are now living in a basement apartment until late April when we will take to the road.