Thursday, January 24, 2019

Food for Thought and Travel

Tomorrow we will put Texas in our rearview mirror. We start getting haRVey ready to go the evening before because we tend to have a lot of moving chores to do.  You never want to rush through your moving chores.  Actually, it is best to have a checklist, which we do not ( I can't even believe I am admitting that. (Dave: We used to, until we got our new trailer, but that was only a year and a half ago.)) While it is routine, one false move and a moment of forgetfulness can be quite dramatic.  

We have lost one TV antennae, one lawn chair, a broom, a bin, an outdoor rug, a welcome mat, and a couple of vent caps. Not too bad for 11 years of full-timing! (Dave: The welcome mat was stolen from the truck-bed (ironic, eh?) the bin was secured - well, 'secured' - and the vent caps were ripped off by tree branches.)

Our next jaunt will take us from the Houston, Texas, area to Milton, Florida, about 620 miles.  We will NOT travel that in one day.  We will boondock overnight along I-10. I have found the best way to stay away from junk food is to prepare good snacks ahead of time.  Today I cut up our celery, carrots, watermelon, cheese, and apples, peeled our oranges and put it all in containers.  

Our old haRVey allowed kitchen access when fully slid in, new haRVey does not, ah the trade-offs. We will probably eat out for breakfast because - coffee.  

When we first started this journey eleven years ago, most truck stops had places to park, no sweat; however, we have noticed "reserved" signs on about half of the truck stop parking spaces at any given Pilot or Love's.  We have at times stopped earlier than intended or driven farther just to park at a truck stop. 

Having said all of that I do enjoy a boondocking trip.  It is always interesting to see the people, the countryside, and other RVer's. You never know who you will meet in passing. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Texas In Our Rearview

Lake Conroe, Texas

HaRVey moved us to Texas on December 15. We spent three weeks in Lake Conroe, Texas, followed by a stay at Colorado River RV Resort in Columbus, Texas.  Both spots served us well.  It is always hard to move on after parking for three whole weeks!  It does not take long to put down roots, have a routine, and get used to the surroundings. 

Today we drove to town without even turning on the GPS!! A true sign that it is time to move.  Our next stop is Milton, Florida. 

Colorado River RV  in Columbus, Texas