Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Camping 2012

Our crew was somewhat smaller this year, but we still had fun. Family camping is the only time in my life on the road where someone might say, "I forgot the ...."  and I can say, "I have that."

Fish Boil nearly ready!


Every year we have a fish boil, what a treat.  My brother, Jesse, does the cooking and we all do the eating

Our Bloody Mary bar along with other mixers - we accept all drinks here. AND we even included Cheese Curds - Wisconsin, ya gotta have 'em. It is not a Bloody Mary unless it is a meal. :)

The grand kids with grandpa
My favorite photo.  Kendra is out for the count!

Visiting With Dad

 Whenever we are in Cloquet, Minnesota, we are sure to visit with Dave's folks who now live at Sunnyside Nursing Home.

We have decided for our next visit we need to practice a few old Eddie Arnold tunes.  
Dad and Mom are in this photo.  Mom has Alzheimer's, and knows only dad.

Dad cannot form his own words, but by rote he can sing songs he knows, repeat prayers he knows and smile at everyone he knows. In this photo he is singing, "...a partridge in a pear tree."  Well, apparently he knows that song, so we sang it in July. When we sing his favorite old hymns, he can belt out the tune.  It is lovely to hear his voice.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Awning Down

It was a dark and calm night, with only a subtle wind caressing their hair, well her hair more than his, the unsuspecting couple decided to leave their awning drawn down in preparation for the morning heat.  

At precisely 1:30 AM, the wife was awakened by incomprehensible yelling coming from some crazed man just outside the bedroom window; her husband.  She quickly ran outside only to be completely drenched as wind whipped wildly.  She cleverly deduced that her husband was trying to save the awning, but alas, all they could do was corral the awning as it lofted wildly in the wind and detached completely from the RV.  

The couple throughly wet and now awning-less, made their way inside deciding as most people do in the middle of the night - wait until morning; things will look better then. 

The awning is now reattached to haRVey, but serves as decoration only.  While the awning did not tear, some of the stitching pulled free on the awning rendering it useless as shade cover. 

What have we learned from this misadventure?  Never trust a weatherman!