Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Man Cave!

The Man Cave. How do you build one inside a 5th wheel trailer? Room for the guys to come over and play cards? Watch the big game on the big screen? Sounds great. So, Dave worked off of this template:

Dave soon found some revisions were in order. After all, all one really needs is room for a man to stand in front of his computer while holding a guitar.

Please note the PVC pipe. 
In Dave's case it stands for:
P- personal 
V- venture 
C- creations

When recording, Dave needs to have a little more quiet and haRVey welcomes the great outdoors right inside - neighbors, their dogs, birds, trains, planes - you name it. It calls for drastic measures. 

Most men would not consider drapes as part of their man cave, but in this case pragmatism wins. They are light-weight and easily packed away, and will eventually be sandwiched with sound-proofing materials. When we add some more on the back and side windows, who knows, there may be a little less Ambient Nature in our recordings, although that is very fashionable right now.

"Dave are you there? Hello? Dave?"  He must be recording. (Dave says: "Look for the feet, Sabra!")