Friday, August 26, 2011

Grocery Bag Sleeping Mats

Two sleeping mats Myrna has made

This mat with its sling holder is on display at Mt. Olive

Plastic bags can be found everywhere - in trees, ditches, overflowing from drawers,  liners for small garbage cans, or wadded up in your back hall closet. I have just learned from the ladies of Mt. Olive in Watertown, South Dakota, these same plastic bags can be used to make sleeping mats for the homeless.  Myrna, my source at Mt. Olive said the ladies (and some men)  have made about 78 mats this year. Each 6ft mat requires between 500 and 700 bags! If you click on the link it will take you to a YouTube video detailing how it is done. 

If you enjoy keeping your hands busy while watching T.V on a chilly winter evening, this might be the project for you.  You just need a little storage area for your 700 plastic bags... :) 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Library

I am guessing that most people never give their local library a thought.  It is there when you need to do some research and great for a FREE good read.  When my children were young and we were settled in a new place (this happened often.) we would find our local library and we would all get a library card - if old enough. In St. Louis, the library was about nine blocks away, with Alyssa in the stroller and Travis in a snugli pack off we would go. I must have been in great shape. :) 

Fast forward many years and TWELVE library cards later, here I am with my Arrowhead library card.  It was quite a moment for me. You must be wondering why a person who lives full-time on the road  and is never near the same library in the time it takes to read a book would be happy.  I have a few words for you - Nook and e-books!  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teapot Days

The 2011 Ma and Pa Teapot!
Teapot Days in Tea, South Dakota, is local event steeped in tradition, but this past year it was even sweeter as Jim and Diane Jewett were crowned Ma and Pa Teapot.  Jim and Diane are the parents of our daughter's husband - so really, part of our family.  And now that they are famous, we especially want to claim them. 
Our travels took us to Sioux Falls this year and we were delighted to be able to spend some time with Jim and Diane apart from the joyous chaos when the kids are visiting at the same time. We discovered that not only are we family, we are friends as well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Remember

 How often we say, "remember when we..." and  recall with a smile some funny episode in the past. We treasure those memories with family and friends.

Dave's mom and dad live in a nursing home and while Dad is doing well, considering he had a stroke in 2001 and has lost the use of his right side as well as his ability to talk.  He has improved and on our last visit initiated and led a prayer. :)  He can still beat the computer at solitaire and enjoys that very much.  We can still make memories.

Mom taught her granddaughters how to crochet, was president of many groups and served on county boards, she canned her garden produce each fall, she built forts with my son, sewed up bath blankets and receiving blankets for all of her grandchildren, and loved any excuse to go shopping.  These are random memories of a woman I treasure who taught me so much.  I have these memories, she does not.

Alzheimer's is devastating for those who must watch the fabric of a life unravel with no way to preserve the "remember when we..."

She still seems to know her dear hubby, but the time is coming when she may no longer have that light in her eye when she sees him.

Dave and I recently sang at St. Paul's Lutheran in Fulda as they celebrated 125 years. After having so many people come up to him beforehand to ask about his parents, Dave asked during the concert: "Okay, seriously now, how many of you came tonight just to hear how my folks are doing?" Dave laughed with good cheer when a number of hands shot up.  "I remember when your mom..." - what joyful medicine as we seek to preserve the beautiful fabric that is Mom. 

Thankfully, the end of this story will not be the end of the story. The new heaven and the new earth will be full of new minds and bodies.  Thanks be to Jesus who came to make all things new. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everything is ...

... better with sprinkles.  A friend gave me this little magnet as a reminder.  Thanks Mary and Barb.

Try this out,  "I am so bummed, if only I had a cupcake with sprinkles."or a Rice Krispie Bar with sprinkles, or a piece of cake with sprinkles, or a cookie with sprinkles, or just a hand full of sprinkles.

More Family Time

A visit to Sunny Side Nursing Home to see mom and dad Horn

Niece Shannon and Tony with their laser eye dog, Lady.

Dave at the wheel of the car everyone would like to drive up Minnesota's North Shore.

Amber, Alyssa and Travis - our kids

Amber, Travis, Alyssa, and Dusty - okay, all of our kids.
It has been a great summer!  We have enjoyed lots of family time and as I write this we are in South Dakota making plans to sing in Washington and California.  We hope to spend time in Minnesota and Wisconsin again next summer, but right now, it is hard to say good bye.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

God at Work

We have lived full-time in haRVey for over three years.  During that time we have made connections throughout the US and Canada.  In what I call a divine appointment, we sang at Bethlehem Lutheran in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  As we always do, it is a pleasure to spend some time with the leadership of the church, Pastor Dana was prompted to say, "we should extend a Call (offer you a job) to you as a missionary-at-large.  You can do exactly as you are doing now, but we will give you prayer support and health insurance!" Imagine Dave speechless... . I know!
We received the documents in late May and have after prayerful consideration, accepted the gracious offer. 
We have felt confident of the Lord's good and gracious care and isn't it comforting when we get a BIG NOD from the Almighty to keep on going? He cares for us always.