Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lyndon County Fair

We were hanging out in Bellingham during the Lyndon County Fair. Of course we had to go. Pastor Tom gladly shared a nice plate of fried brown food, a must at any fair. In this case it was curly fries which came out of the fryer in the form of a brick.

Marianne Giusti, a member of Redeemer and part of an elite group - our friends who are Swedish - demonstrated how to make sauerkraut. She was a judge in the foods category.

The dear people of Redeemer Lutheran certainly made us part of the family during our stay. The hospitality was warm and wonderful. If you find yourself in the Bellingham, Washington, area, please visit Redeemer Lutheran, Northwest of town out on Smith Road. And say hi to Pastor Tom for us.

Sailing Semiahmoo Bay

On Sunday after services at Grace Lutheran Church, in Blaine, Washington, Angus and Yvette asked if we would like to go sailing. After a one second pause, we enthusiastically said, "YES!"

We spent part of Monday sailing Semiahmoo Bay waving at Canada, watching birds and seals, and doing a lot of talking. There is a peaceful feeling that hits you when the sails unfurl and catch the breeze, the engine is turned off and sound of the waves slows you down. Dave jumped right in with the sea terminology and even took the tiller for a time. My one comment about Semi - AH- moo is this: And I thought Wisconsin had some interesting names!

Monday, August 17, 2009

How Did They Meet?

Kyle and Katerina have been married for four years. She is from Novosibirsk, Russia. They met online at eHarmony! I thought their story was so cool I had to blog about them. You just never know what you might learn when you listen to the folks around you.

**Please note that I did not cut off the top of Dave's head. **

Our home in Bellingham - Sweet!

We are parked at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Bellingham, WA. Just beyond the yellow slide you will see.... Mount Baker.

Today, the sun was shining so away we went to get a better look at Mt. Baker. God is truly awesome.

Let Me Know Your Guess

Where do you think this picture was taken?
Nope, not in a church; although, Dave thought he might use it as a PowerPoint slide in a sermon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Schelp family

In 1979 we met and spent a lot of time with the Schelp family. Barb, with her extraordinary gift of hospitality, always made us feel welcome and well-fed. Suzie, on the far left, served as a sister and with her delightful wit always made for interesting quips and conversation.

Thirty years later, not much has changed - Sue is a little older, :) although still witty and Barb is as welcoming and still the queen of hospitality.

My blog friends, I can't wait for you all to know each other. A picture of heaven. Let's go!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Post Alley Gum Wall

The tradition first began when Market Theatre showgoers stuck the colorful wads of bubble gum on the wall as they waited in line for tickets. It has has become even stickier since the early 90's. While we did not stick gum on the wall, we did take a few pictures of creative chewed up gum stickers.

Lunch in the Space Needle

The 605-foot tall Space Needle was completed in December 1961 and officially opened a mere four months later on the first day of the World's Fair, April 21, 1962.

We had lunch in the Sky City restaurant with our friends Pat, Cheryl and their daughter Jenny. The food was wonderful, the company even better. Thanks for lunch, Pat!

Pat is not smiling or looking at the camera - he is looking at the bill. Are those tears?

Pike's Market

I have taken folks to the market a number of times while staying in the Seattle area (I feel like a local). Here are the two sights I am sure to show them.
I know I have blogged about the Sabra sign before, but now you won't have to search old posts. The Sabra is located in the market area and I just love having a picture of the sign. I am not the only one with a strange unpronounceable name - even if it is a restaurant.

Blackberries in Washington

While parked in Snohomish, Washington I was able to pick blackberries on the property. I noticed there were bugs on the fruit. Being a person who lives on the cutting edge, I googled "cleaning blackberries..."

Let me just say I no longer feel cutting edge, but I know how to clean the screen, trackball and keys of my blackberry, and that regular glass cleaner is not the best thing to use.

It is probably a good thing I did not search de-bugging blackberries.