Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flannel PJ's

What can I possibly add to describe this photo. We have been living with our friends three months and already my friend, Barb, and I dress alike... we have discovered we have five matching pairs of pants - hers are smaller, please note, I am sitting on the stool, she is standing. We have vowed not to dress alike, but these ugly pink flamingo, with airstream trailers, flannels were just too ugly to pass up. I guess as long as my eyes are closed they are okay, but I do not think I will be running to the mailbox in these babies!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sometimes the weather chases you!

As Dave and I travel we hope to park our house (haRVey) at schools, churches, and campgrounds. Last March Dave was privileged to park at Zion Lutheran School in Everett, Washington for a month while he sang around the area. One day the grass was green and "Spring-like", the next day it snowed! HaRVey will keep us warm and toasty down to 10 degrees. Yes, this is the same exact spot from different angles in both shots. Whether snowing or not, this was a beautiful spot with wonderful people.

A friend of mine helped with my airfare so I could spend a few days with Dave while he was in Everett, at this very spot. He had been on the road for about eight weeks and I was glad to spend some time in my future home -and see Dave! This snowfall came after I left.

We are truly blessed to have friends, and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, who will share their space.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Your Name in Lights

Okay, well, it was lit at night. We were in Brainerd, Minnesota, in February. It does not sound as exciting as, say, your name in lights in Las Vegas, but as I said, it was lit at night. If you squint, you can see it there just between Allstate and the Sawmill Inn. But we thought it was cool. (Top billing, well, that is another blog.)

Apparently, the sign was effective as the concert was well-attended. Before singing we always pray for the people who will attend that the Holy Spirit will minister to them through the words and music. We pray that God will use us according to his will and for Dave that his words would be God's words of comfort for His dear people. That's our policy. Are you in good hands?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas with the In-laws

Our Christmas 2007 was different from all Christmas' past. We were on our own as both of our kids now live in Seattle, Washington. Christmas Eve was spent with Janie Horn, a sister-in-law, her daughter, mom and dad, and a family friend. It was a delightful evening. Dave is pictured with Janie as they took a practice break on Christmas Eve. Christmas day Dave sang a few numbers during the worship service at St. Michael's in Bloomington. Janie and Dave got to play together for the first time.