Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Clamming Sport

 We walked to the beach in the evening following the conference in Seaside, Oregon, and learned about Razor Clams. There were families all along the beach area and we thought they were all coming to enjoy what promised to be a great sunset. We were surprised to learn upon closer inspection they were all dressed for clamming!  You must have (as we used to call them, "Juneau Sneakers") boots, and a PVC pipe with a handle called the clam gun, a bucket for your catch, and as in all sporting events - patience. Starting to sound interesting, huh.

It was a beautiful evening and so much fun to watch generations on the shore some practiced and sure while others were learning the ropes. "I got one," yelled a child of 8 or 9, and his dad helped him dig through the sand for the prize.   
There were a few groups who came prepared with beverages, munchies and headlamps. They were in for the long haul. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seaside Oregon

 We were honored to serve the teachers at the Northwest District Teachers Conference.  They gather in Seaside, Oregon, it was sunny and warm, with the ocean less than a block away.  It was mentioned a number of times that the weather is not always so agreeable - sometimes it rains! What? 

Chris and Beth Swanson let us borrow their car - very sporty compared to our truck! I wish we could pull our house with such a small car.

that bit of deep blue - the Pacific.

This is terrible picture, but I had to include it because Dave Geiselman, pictured with me went to grade school with my Uncle Charlie in Wausau, Wisconsin. He was tending the Concordia Publishing table and I was at the next table over selling Dave Horn CD's.  Of course we got to talking...

Monday, October 21, 2013


 I recently was able to fly standby round trip from Seattle, Washington, to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  My flight to Minnesota began with - waiting.  Will I get on the flight? I was number 9 on standby, then number 5 for a long time -  okay maybe 10 minutes.  In the end, with only three people waiting, the attendant said, "RUN with me!" so I did.  I had no seat assignment, but as we entered the plane she gave me a seat number and I sat.  Many folks were giving me the evil eye as though I personally caused the delay. I buckled my seat belt  and did not care a whit, I was on my way to see my dear Logan, my kids, and friends. I smiled and read my book. 

Now, my standby trip back to Seattle was fraught with adventure. My friend and I arrived at the airport at 6:30 AM; then watched three flights that did not include me leave, and finally a 5:10 PM flight which was a go. The delay did allow for a Bloody Mary meal shared with my good friend and thanks to Becca for the standby save!


my sweetie pie