Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Parked at LHS

 During the last part of August, and  into September, we parked haRVey at Mayer Lutheran High School.  Before our traveling life began, I worked at the school.  It was fun for me to stop in the office and visit a bit and go out for lunch with my office buddies. Coach Grimsley assigned me a locker - with a combination!  I feel younger just sharing that bit.
We thought by parking in the back lot we would be out of the way.... not so.  The brown shed you see in the photo was emptied and sold.  The only sign left of the shed is a cement slab.  

Watching the demolition of the shed brought with it interesting memories.  The brown shed was the site of a HUGE annual rummage sale dating back 45 years!  Many churches in the area (30 churches) help raise funds for the school by donating gently used clothing, books, kitchen items, flea market treasures, furniture and tools.  It is not unusual to hear people say, "I am saving this for the summer sale."  With the brown shed gone, I wonder what people will say when sale time rolls around? Put it out on the slab? 

Thank you LHS for allowing us a place to park and catch up on the latest as you continue to Prepare the Next Generation of Christian Leaders!