Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bad Grandma

 Saturday morning while having coffee, Logan played with sand. Moving sand...

carrying sand...
discovering how it falls through the holes

how it can be used to decorate all surfaces

Later in the day, I heard his father say, "Logan, if you don't keep the sand IN the sandbox we will close the lid."
It is so very hard to follow the house rules!!! And should a grandma feel compelled to follow ALL the rules? or just some :)

Heading North

As we turned the big corner that is Texas and started heading North we camped near Lawton, Oklahoma.  The trees held just a hint of Spring.  By the time we pulled out it was joyfully GREEN.

We parked briefly in Topeka, Kansas, as Dave led the weekend services, then moved on. The trees held just a hint of Spring. By the time we pulled out it was a pretty strong hint.

Our next stop as we headed north was at Cutty's RV Resort in Spirit Lake, Iowa.  Here spring was not hinting, but hidden. This picture is deceiving. It was cold. But there were buds...hiding...waiting...

  Find the church and the RV in this photo!  Door to door might have been 10 feet.  We really enjoyed our overnight stay in Vernon Center, Minnesota, where Dave led services. There is something about being in a small town. The trees held just a hint of Spring. Did I say that already? Spring is closing in and getting ever nearer!
And our reason for that quick dash - well, 'quick' is a relative term when hauling haRVey - but, here we are parked on the street at the home of our kids, and our grandson, who all make the Spring dash well worth it. Now we are, once again, experiencing Spring and the dash is done.