Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend at Sky High



Friday of Memorial Day weekend the campground seemed to inhale! Travel trailers, RV's, tenters, and all of their necessities, just kept arriving. It was a busy, fun time.

The photo on the top was taken on Saturday morning and the one on the bottom was taken on Monday afternoon. This is not the whole campground, just one of three loops. Dave was inside the trailer working and recording with headphones most of the day and came outside late afternoon thinking he had warped into an alternate universe.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sky High Camping Resort

The farm is not at the campground, but you do pass it on the way up the hill to the campground. We pass by it each morning on our walk. They actually have a rooster that crows in the morning. We say 'hi' to the boys and girls (steers and heifers) and simply enjoy a sight that is more and more rare: an old-fashioned, operating family farm. Across the road the Red-Winged Blackbirds remind us from the wires just whose place this really is. Sometimes there are wild Turkeys out jogging the gravel. Once we spied a Pileated Woodpecker passing from woods to woods. The other day we put on one of those 'ambience' CDs, entitled "Rainforest Morning" or something. It played for a while, we looked at each other and smiled as we realized it didn't sound as good as what we hear out the window every day!

If you are traveling by on Interstate 94 this summer through Wisconsin, exit on Highway 33 west and follow the signs to Sky High- we will keep the fire going and the camping chairs handy!

Camping World

My new favorite store! You can buy all kinds of items you did not even know you needed for your RV at Camping World. Our most recent acquisition was two pair of stablizing jacks. They help the slide-outs to not sag if you remain stationary and slid-out for a long time. They do not seem to stabilize anything. From now on, whenever one of us is up and moving around, the other will have to be up and moving around also, or else the one seated will surely become seasick.

When Dave is on the phone talking to someone, and he does that quite a bit in the booking aspect of his work, I just go outside. He likes to pace when he talks on the phone.

I have had my eye on a few frills as well, but first, we need to spend a little time in the RV to determine what we really need. And after all, what we really need is all we really need.