Friday, June 25, 2010

Rewiring for 50

When people ask where we live, it is fun to watch their reaction as we answer, "in your church parking lot."

This week in addition to seeing Dulcey and her family we also met Russ and Sean as they made an extension cord enabling us to make use of the 50 AMP outlet on the outside of the church. Our house is very comfortable and we love it, but in the summer it can become an easy bake oven! When the temperature outside is 80 - inside the RV it is about 87 - 90 degrees!

When Russ stopped by and took on the mission of getting us enough power to run our air-conditioner, Dave just hugged him and cried. Just kidding. It was very kind of Russ and Sean to take the time to set us up.

Memories of Juneau

We lived in Juneau, Alaska, for six years. The Kindergarten/First Grade teacher when we arrived was Dulcey Else. Who knew that after a tearful parting in Alaska as she and her husband, Gary, moved to the "lower 48" we would become reacquainted twelve years later in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin? I love a small world, don't you?

It has been a delightful week in the parking lot of Peace Lutheran.

We Like This

It is always fun to see "Dave Horn" on a church sign.

The Monster Mash

Monster World Campground was our overnight stay as we moved from Cambridge, Minnesota to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.
During the summer this place is all about Tractor Pulls, and racing in the dirt.
We thought it was a raceway with a campground on the side. While we were there we experienced a monster thunderstorm with a scary aftermath of gruesome gravel roads. I would stay here again - during sunny weather. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary - 31 Years

We are celebrating our anniversary this year in New York Mills (NYM), Minnesota. A knock on our door brought these lovely Strawberry Tarts and cookies as an anniversary gift. There is a bakery in NYM that Dave believes could be the best ever. He is willing to try out bakeries as we travel to test his theory.

Thank you Gunard and Jan for the anniversary song and treats.

Now we are out to dinner in Perham, Minnesota. Happy Anniversary to us... .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cabin Getaway

Our friends own this little cabin on a lake. It is a perfect place that does not look perfect at all. The floors all slope towards the lake, the stove works, the oven does not, and the hill behind the cabin is steep. Once you step into the cabin, none of its imperfections matter a bit. It is a joyful, comforting place that behaves like an old friend. The owners treat their cabin as though it belongs to a community. Someone stays a week or a few days; another comes for a day just to get away and have some time, any event worth celebrating takes place at the cabin.

I love to stay overnight, with the promise of morning coffee in my Loon mug, on the deck overlooking the lake. Time slows down, the lake is quiet - I am smiling just thinking about it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Phone

It was bound to happen. My Verizon phone was two years old and I was informed that I could get an upgrade! How exciting. I have had my eye on a phone in which texting would be an easy feat. I was tired of push, push, push, "c." Now, my grammar is no better, but I am faster. I can also get "apps," go on-line, read the news, look at facebook, twitter, and check my e-mail. Here is the thing I find interesting... I have missed phone calls because I can't figure out how to answer my phone!