Friday, June 29, 2012

A Wedding in Norwood

The happy bride and groom

The cake

My former co-workers, Karen and Paulette. Karen, in the middle, is the mother of the bride.  I was so very happy we were in the area and I was able to attend! 

Our Very Own Baptism Day

Logan, dad and grandpa
 On June 15, Logan was Baptized.  It was such a wonderful day and we were so very thankful we could be there to watch God add to the family.  

It incredible to see the transformation of your children as they move into the roll of  "parent." It is not as though I thought they could not do it, but to see them in that roll - wow.  Travis and Amber are naturals!  I guess they both had good teachers. :)  What an awesome privilege to be grandparents to such a dear child of God. 
Logan with his parents and sponsors

Grandparents(all very proud) with Logan

The banner

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The dogs of Hollywood

Lexie approaching the stairs calling me out to play.
When she is outside, Lexie comes to the RV screen door and whines for me to come outside. Why? - because I throw one of her many toys. I am not sure who has been better trained...

Always ready for a game Lexie and Ted.

haRVey in the background.
Our stop in Hollywood, Minnesota, has been one of our longest in our four years of travel.  We are indebted to our friends the Jim and Joni Strehlke.  haRVey has been parked in their driveway for nearly one month!  We are way past dead fish and relatives here! 

Once again, we are the humble recipients of generous hearts.  We have had such a great time here that it will be hard to pull up stakes and move next week. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thirty Three Years and Counting!

This year for our Anniversary we went to the Mall of America! And who wouldn't want to spend a quiet romantic time at the Mall. 

Aunt Carol and cousin Debbie were passing through Minnesota with stops to visit family.  We spent a wonderful day with them, laughing, teasing, laughing, and telling stories. 
Debbie wanted to stop at Lego Land to choose a gift for her son, who is in his 20's.  That's the thing about legos - you never outgrow them - right Travis?

Many sets to choose from

Carol and Debbie took us to Bubba Gump's to celebrate the day, what fun.  We passed the Forrest Gump Trivia Quiz with flying colors. It was our first experience with Bubba Gump - fun