Monday, July 27, 2009

Writing a song "To Not Fear"

Dave was listening to the Lamb of God worship team practice and thinking about Sunday's sermon, when the Holy Spirit struck! Quickly Dave found some paper, in this case it was a paper towel from the restroom, and wrote the opening lyrics of what would become "To Not Fear" based on Mark 6:45 -51.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dave and I attended the Lavender Festival in Sequim, Washington. What fun! It was even better because we took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston.
There are over 20 Lavender farms in the Sequim area and while we did not visit all of them, we did get to see what a field of Lavender looks like - beautiful, and smelly-good.

In town the festival was a colossal tourist trap with balloons and music - just so you knew what kind of trap you were stepping into and enjoy being caught. It was truly all about Lavender. You could buy aprons, seasoning, lavender-lemonade, plants, paintings, ceramic items, lavender sugar and tea, sachets, essential oils, have a massage, and of course you could eat. When going to a u-pick farm it was about $8 for a twist-tie full (using both hands make a circle).

The Lavender Festival is always the third weekend in July in Sequim, WA. See you there!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


As we were preparing to leave Vancouver, Dave underestimated the width of the slide and lost a head-butting contest. Four butterfly tapes later and who knows exactly how much money, we were on the road.

Blueberry Picking

Our stay in Vancouver, Washington was delightful! The Swanson family has a small farm with chickens (who have all been named), rabbits (named and to be neutered this next week), AND a blueberry patch.
While we were there the first crop of blueberries were ready to go! Of all the berries - blue are Dave's favorite. We had all left the patch and Dave was still in the back, "I'll be right there, just a few more." Thank you Chris and Beth for sharing your garden.

Beth was in the youth group we worked with 30 years ago in Corvallis, OR. Here is one good thing about getting older - Beth and I are now the same age.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You Can't Go Home Again

Dave's folks moved from the old farm place to town in the 80s. As you can imagine there have been many changes and much of the place we remember simply does not exist anymore. Travis and Amber (Travis' fiancee) were kind enough to indulge us and share a trip down memory lane as we pointed out what used to be where.

We all have our favorite memories of Grandpa and Grandma's house. While growing up, the kids spent a week now and then with Grandpa and Grandma on the farm. I learned how to make tomato juice, Alyssa learned how to crochet, Travis got to ride in the tractor with Grandpa and make forts under the dining room table. Dave got to grow up on the farm - he mostly remembers early adventures in the great woods (small grove), driving the "jitney" (the rusting hulk of a 1920s truck) all over the world, the old machinery with interesting seats and levers "resting" in the back yard (Dave recalls that some of them could fly), and later on, tending the animals, driving the tractor and baling hay.

There were dairy cattle, pigs, chickens, and sometimes geese or ducks. The latter did not last long, as the dogs chased the ducks and the geese chased the dogs. How many farm cats did grandma have? We are not sure. At one point the count was up to 33 tame, a few more wild. Each morning and evening they got a shot of fresh milk. Cushy job. Each Spring they would drive the steers via the ditches to their Summer pasture at "the 80", a couple of miles away, and in the Fall, drive them back again, just like real cowboys, only with truck, foot and bicycle, not horses.

Grandpa and grandma now live in a nursing home and the barn is gray instead of white/red (as all barns should be.) The central grassy area of the "tear-drop" driveway where so many games of catch were played is now just one big gravel lot. The tender subtleties of a mid-20th century diversified family farm have been sacrificed on the altar of agribusiness and almighty corn. But the memories of times spent there are very dear. It reminds us to make the most of every family gathering because who knows? Things change. But the memories - those you get to keep.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rock Band Wanna Be

Here we are at our son's house becoming rock stars. We have a long way to go.