Friday, April 18, 2014

Oklahoma Where the Wind Comes...Sweeping Ore

I have been humming tunes from the musical "Oklahoma" for the past few days.  I especially enjoy the line from the song, "Oklahoma" about "wind sweeping ore the plains."  I would like to add that the wind sweeps ore the truck, ore your awning, and ore your RV slides which can make you feel seasick. 

I could not really capture in a photo the true force of "sweeping ore" we have experienced.  

In the photo of our picnic shelter you can barely discern our outdoor rug, which is weighted down to keep it from traveling ore the plains as it dries out from the much-needed rainstorm.

We are in a great spot for birding, bike riding, running, and enjoying the outdoors.  Each activity includes the added bonus/challenge of  - wind sweeping ore. We are enjoying our week just outside of Lawton, Oklahoma. It has been warm and sunny our windows are open and everything is getting a nice clean sweep! We look forward to meeting everyone at St. John this weekend. Pastor Bill and Barb Schneider have been more than gracious hosts. If you ever find yourself in Lawton, Oklahoma, stop in for a visit you will be warmly received.  

I just checked the lyrics... "the wind comes sweeping DOWN the plains. I think "ore" sounds better, but it is not my song. 

We love our campsite just outside Lawton, Oklahoma

The white caps should be called wind caps!

About two hours after I took these photos the wind calmed and the water was like glass. I love this place. On Sunday, we had severe wind warnings.  I still like it here. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Help for haRVey!

 We cleverly noticed that this spring bracket (it holds the spring in place so the RV rides smoothly) was broken. We were parked at Faith Lutheran in Stephenville, Texas at the time. Dave immediately found a welding shop in town, (every town has one, right?) and made an appointment to have our bracket welded the next morning and voila! 

When you are at the mercy of a mechanic, a plumber, a carpenter, or an electrician you ponder the cost because you cannot fix it yourself, but clearly it must be fixed and who knows what the final cost will be.  In our case $65.00. We were very thankful as we thought it might be $200.00.

While haRVey was in the shop we walked to a nearby cafe.  We noted that some fixes are easier than others. :)

  A saucer sans the cup and the table is "fixed."

A Sweet Reunion

Sue Davis and I shared dorm room at Concordia College along with another friend, Darla. As we moved on got married, had children... we lost touch as so often happens! Dave and I were camped in Arlington, Texas for a few days and we were able to get together with Sue, and her long-suffering dear husband, Phil.  I am not sure we took a breath! There is nothing as sweet as claiming the treasure of friendship. As we hugged goodbye we promised not to wait another thirty years before our next visit. Amen to that.