Thursday, April 10, 2014

Help for haRVey!

 We cleverly noticed that this spring bracket (it holds the spring in place so the RV rides smoothly) was broken. We were parked at Faith Lutheran in Stephenville, Texas at the time. Dave immediately found a welding shop in town, (every town has one, right?) and made an appointment to have our bracket welded the next morning and voila! 

When you are at the mercy of a mechanic, a plumber, a carpenter, or an electrician you ponder the cost because you cannot fix it yourself, but clearly it must be fixed and who knows what the final cost will be.  In our case $65.00. We were very thankful as we thought it might be $200.00.

While haRVey was in the shop we walked to a nearby cafe.  We noted that some fixes are easier than others. :)

  A saucer sans the cup and the table is "fixed."

1 comment:

Max .M said...

I like the saucer fix. Works better than a folded up napkin.