Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Hanson Farm

We are parked in the Hansen's driveway for a few weeks.  Rick and Tori offered us a parking spot complete with electric and water.
Our closest neighbor

I am working on winning them over before we leave - food I think.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In the dark it grows freely, but bring it into the light and apply a bit of warmth - it dies.  How like us and our relationship with our Savior, is what I was thinking as I was piling the clothes from our closet. Well, that and, where did all of these clothes come from? Do I really need all of this?

Dave, armed with a blow dryer is sitting in the closet killing off the insidious trail of mold on a dark and stormy night; or morning, it was morning. 

 Dave has more books than we are able to store in the bookcase - anyone who even remotely knows Dave will know this is true!  

He is drying books using the Catalytic heater  - the heater stays! It is able to do two things, heat and dry.

We recently started storing our shoes in boxes making it easier to find an actual "pair," rather than the shoe lottery.  All of our shoes escaped the path of mold. 

In our notes you will find an entry - do not winter in the Northwest.  The people are great, the scenery spectacular, the mold is there just waiting...   

(in a trailer condensation in cold weather is a real problem, you must be ever-vigilant!!!)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Photos

This is Carol from Faith in Lacey, holding the handmade hats she made for us - thanks, Carol.

If you want to BE Lance Armstrong and win the Tour de France, you need to start young - bike rally day for Trinity preschool in Mt. Vernon.

Dave taking a picture of yet another use for PVC pipe!!!

My name on a sign - of course I took a picture.

Again, my name so of course....

The Music in Pikes Market

we added our own musical conversation - me, Alyssa and Dusty

Harmonica player in the bus tunnel

Like any big city there is music, many kinds, and all of it makes a space in the hustle of the people and slows the pace - for a beat.

Coffee in the Morning

Zion Lutheran School in Lake Stevens, Washington

Dump Stations are located in the Rest Areas of Washington!  I love that.

Trinity Lutheran in Mt. Vernon, Washington

Faith Lutheran Church in Lacey, Washington - no matter view outside the door, inside my coffee cup is always in the same spot.  While the people move through our lives and the locations change, the song of our lives remains the same in each location - Jesus Loves You!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Juneau Connection

In 1991 we moved to Juneau, Alaska, from San Diego, California.  What a trip! 

Dave served as pastor at Faith Lutheran for six years following Pastor Dave Hinz - the church sign hardly needed changing. 

Normally, when pastors step into a church there is no overlap; they never get to meet.  We were so delighted to see Dave and Jean Hinz, who are members of Faith in Lacey, WA.  We did have a great visit and time to get to know them a bit better. They lived in the same house we did, Dave and Dave had the same office space, they mowed the same backyard, loved and cared for the same people. We all loved Juneau in general, hiking specifically and the incredible beauty of Alaska.

Oil Can Henry

My grandpa Henry would have loved this place.  Each time we have driven by Oil Can Henry's, I think of him.
He had a workshop connected to the garage at his place in the country just outside of Brokaw, Wisconsin. 

Grandpa could fix anything.  His workshop smelled of grease, paint, tools, and wood.  Grandpa built a sled for his tractor to haul grandkids on trails through the woods - a highlight of our visits. Well, that and grandma would always have great sugary cereals and milk in 1/2 gallon sized containers so kids could pour them without too much worry of spilling. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heat - Bring it On

With a blog title like that I could write just about anything! To say, "I love my heater," sounds foolish and a bit shallow, but here goes - I LOVE MY HEATER!

Last year we purchased a Wave 8 Olympian heater for haRVey. We (when I say we, I mean Dave) installed it sideways in a slot replacing a wood panel.  The manufacturer states that while not the preferred, optimum installation, it will work.  We tried it for awhile - the sideways thing, but it did not work on any heat setting except "high" and could not be counted on to remain lit.  Yikes!  

After much ado - of course, we did not purchase the legs nor could we procure them by stopping in any RV Supply store. We had to order them.  In a regular house, ordering/delivery is not a big deal, but in our life we must calculate where we will be when said package can be expected - we missed our legs package by a day.  With a bit of backtracking only 10 miles or so, we (again, I mean Dave) were able to install the legs, a hose and voila!  The heater works as it should sipping propane and radiating heat no matter the setting. Our forced air heater rarely kicks in at night and we are roasty - toasty in our happy haRVey regardless of the freezing temperatures in Seattle, Washington.
This gives you a blurry idea of our first installation.

Here is our happy heater - I love my heater!