Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dave and Music

While in Eugene we were able to take in the EugeneSaturdayMarket where Dave homed in on Morning Sun Flutes. I was able to linger over the entire four blocks of cool stuff while Dave learned how to play a new instrument.

So, as soon as we save up...
"I think we could make the same thing with PVC pipe," says Dave.

Celebrating 48 Years

We were very honored to be a part of the day as Rueben and Nancy Leapaldt celebrated 48 years of marriage. In this photo they are singing a song that was sung at their wedding.

It was such a delight to spend time with these dear Christian friends whom we have not seen in nearly 25 years.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Strawberries in Eugene

I have always wanted to visit a strawberry farm where you can pick your own berries and I was delighted to find out our hosts knew just the place. Our instructions upon arrival at the patch were, "one bucket as full as you can get it is $8. While you are picking we expect you to eat as many berries as you can." My picking style developed nicely... pick three, eat two. Berry picking takes a long time, but it was certainly delicious fun.

My berry picking buddies were Reuben and Nancy Leapaldt, our long-time friends whom we have not seen since 1987. Again, a taste of what heaven will be like... eating strawberry short cake, visiting, and drinking coffee.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mushroom Lovers - Get This

Pictured here is the elusive Boletus mushroom. In search of these delicious treats, chefs will travel from Portland to a secret spot hours from home, spend five hours foraging, and drive home again. The group we came across looked enthusiastically content with their harvest, and pleased to have me take a picture of their treasure. I was informed by Heidi, a chef at The Joel Palmer House in Dayton, Oregon, that these babies sell for $25. per pound in upscale grocery stores - if you can find them.

During our stay in Oregon - I am keeping my eyes peeled for the tell tail signs of a Boletus mushroom.

Stock on Road - For Real

Yes, one cow is mooing at us, "Hey, we were here first."
The cows mooved (ha) , but they were not at all happy. I am glad they did not realize they were bigger than our car.

One Room Schoolhouse

Rockville Elementary School is located in Jordan Valley, Oregon. This school is a public school with grade levels Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

There are approximately 6 students at this school and one teacher. The national average is 15 which means this school has less students in the classroom than most. Students who attend this school come from the ranches in the surrounding area.

I did not know there could still be a one-room school in operation in 2009. Good to know not everything changes.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birding in Weiser, Idaho

A long, long time ago in a town far, far away two eager college students took a class at Concordia University, Saint Paul, and learned about primaries, secondaries, eye rings, wing bars, and other field markings. These students, Dave Horn, my husband, and Donna Else, my dear friend, took Ornithology class different semesters, but still have a love of birding. Thank you, Dr. Holtz.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Twin Falls and Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel September 8, 1974 the photo is all that is left of the ramp.

The Snake River Canyon is hard to capture. It is much bigger than it appears - you know like the side mirrors on your car.

Josie Bassett Morris

I found the story of Josie Morris fascinating. She was a pioneer from the get go. I have included a link to an article which will tell you a bit about her five husbands, her whiskey still, her adventures in poaching, gardening, and building - she was quite a character. Josie's farm is located in Dinosaur National Monument and while the cabin is still there your imagination will have to create the rest of the story.
I think that Josie must have been vertically challenged.

Dinosaur National Monument

Our two night stop at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah was great. Our campsite was next to the Green River which was nearly overflowing with the winter melt.

One early morning we took a hike on the "Sound of Silence" trail. We did not see Simon or Garfunkel - I was disappointed.