Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Other Mothers

Other mother, Barb - Thanks Mom!

Other mother, Nancy - Thanks Mom!

Life is sweet.
I dearly love my other mothers.  They have been an important part of my life and have shaped my confidence, my compass and encouraged me as I have grown in faith. My other mothers have children of their own, but were happy to include Dave and I as part of their brood.  It is with deep affection that I include this blog entry.  I hope that anyone who reads this entry will be able to bring to mind their other mother, and thank God for giving such a gift.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Sweet Reunion

Sandy, Sue, Charles - some of our youth group.
 We enjoyed such a sweet reunion and celebrated our joy in the Lord this past weekend at Shepherd of the Valley in Corvallis, Oregon.Our Sunday evening concert was attended by kids from the youth group we led so many years ago (33).  They have all grown up and raised children of their own.  A number of them expressed how we had impacted their lives - we felt the same about each of them and their families.  The Lord grafted those relationships into the True Vine, and we enjoy the growth and fruit of experience; a love for the Lord abides. Thanks be to God!  

Stacy and Charles Toy
Sue Jackson and Sandy Snider our youth "kids."

The ever encouraging Bill and Jean Mansour.
The evening ended with a baptism. Stacy Toy, had heard Dave speak a number of times these past few weeks, and has been prayerfully seeking the Lord's will for her life.  After the concert, she asked if Dave would baptize her - a wonderful celebration.  My heart is full of contented bliss that the Almighty God would see fit to grant me even more than I think to ask or desire.  Awesome God.  

I just had to include Sue's take on the evening -

Home after a wonderfully serendipitous reunion with a bunch of old friends! Great music, great fellowship, a great time! And Stacy, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your baptism tonight! It was such an honor! You've only known us for a few hours, and your stuck with us now !! 
  ~Sue Jackson

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coralie Tiefel

Coralie and her children
 Coralie celebrated her 90th birthday with style. I have known  Cora briefly, bu, tafter the slide show and stories, she feels like an old friend.  We were leading worship at Zion Lutheran in Hillsboro, Oregon, and merrily went along with the crowd to celebrate with a luncheon in the fellowship hall. 

When Cora was born in 1922:
  • Radio stations were popping up all over the U.S.  
  •  The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated
  • Annie Oakley set a record for shooting 100 clay targets in a row.
  • Two women paved the way for others, one became a senator the other became the first female FBI agent.
  • The blender was invented, 
  • and Reader's Digest published its first edition.  

The cake
All family gatherings must have someone who tells everyone where to stand or sit for the photo
The celebration was filled with family and memories of how quickly the years fly by. 

Coralie sat serenely and smiled while her family honored her.  I think she was taking it all in, the blessing of family and friends.

The hall and Dave (on the right) who led the group in singing 'Happy Birthday'

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting an Upgrade

The computer, not the husband! 
I bet every guy who sees this wishes he had a headlamp too.  Dave is busy right now re-installing programs, commenting on the incredible speed and saying all sorts of gobbly- goop which is incomprehensible (to me)  about hard drives and memory.  

Dave did need to upgrade in order to keep up with his recording software. Now he will be able to keep making music.  He does not wear the headlamp when leading worship, while recording, or hiking... but, he wishes he could.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Oregon is for Tourists

Mt. Hood

Coast Road

Mt. Hood

Mt. St. Helens

Hairy Tree - I am Lichen it

Heceta Head Light keepers House now a B&B

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Washington Seashore

We were able to spend time at the coast post-Christmas. We enjoyed a lot of wind, rain and a few sunny moments.  Dusty and Alyssa came for an overnight visit at one point Alyssa said, "Can we go somewhere for awhile that is not moving?" Spoken like a true stick house person. What could we do after a request like that - but find a nearby Irish pub and have a pint - so we did. 
Dave pointing to our Beach trail marker made with junk which washed up on the beach - very creative.

A walk on the beach was the perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement and wear my newly finished scarf.  It was painful to pull apart my practice work; now I have an actual scarf.

Looking from the beach, our dear haRVey can hardly be picked out from the crowd. It was wonderful to fall asleep at night with the sound of the Pacific for company.