Saturday, March 30, 2019

That's a Good Bingo!

What do Cover All, Picnic Table, Z, and Six Pack all have in common? They are all Bingo games.  I have never played Bingo where money was involved until February 2019.  It was a lot of fun and let me tell you some folks take their Bingo VERY seriously as my friend and I learned.  I was actually "shushed" - a humbling experience.  We played on two consecutive Wednesdays. The first week we played, my friend won $30.00 and the next week I won $57.00.  I would like to say I spent my gambling money on something for the improvement of others, but alas, I blew it on a feast. 

We celebrated our Birthdays in a big way at Joe's Crab Shack, where we ate out on the patio with the beach and waves in our view.  It was a wonderful 60th Birthday party for two old friends who are getting closer to becoming Maxine in real life.
After our BIG win, we have decided to give up our daubers and cross Bingo off of our bucket list.  


Friday, March 29, 2019

Sherwood Oregon

 This space used to be a preschool classroom.  These days it serves as an outlet to help young and new families with the basic stuff every baby needs!  

Kristen, a young lady who is not married has no children of her own but does have a huge heart for mothers. She, along with the Senior Saints (retired folks), spends time 3-4 days a week and by appointment collecting and dispersing their inventory. My daughter and her son came to visit while we were in Sherwood. Kristen supplied us with a pack and play and a stroller as well as toys.     

As we visited I must have asked her in five different ways how and why she got into this time-consuming ministry. Her answer, "the Lord just would not leave me alone.  He kept opening the doors, I kept walking through."  (I know that story) The Senior Saints are using their time and talents to care for others and make a difference.

Kristen is an amazing young lady who walked through an open door.   

The foreground shows items dropped off that day.