Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sisters

A sister will tell you in no uncertain terms that your outfit looks bad on you, or you really need to color your hair, or don't worry I am sure the pictures won't be awful... This mud pack picture is awful, but a dare is a dare.

Now that my sisters and I are all the same age - well, I might be a bit older - we have enjoyed being together and hanging out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

St. Michael's on Mother's Day

Dave is pictured with our niece and nephew, Rachel and Joshua Horn. These amazing young people sang with Dave which was a special treat for him.
We are enjoying our pause in Minnesota as we are using this stop to catch up with folks we have not seen for two years. Our schedule for August and beyond is in the works - Ohio, Pennsylvania, N & S Carolina, Georgia, and Florida here we come.

After parking in our son's driveway for a month, our son and the neighbors will be ready for us to hit the road. Our GPS unit is getting a break these days as we are in our old stomping grounds and not once have we needed the unit to get us to or from any church or school. It is a nice change of pace for us.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prayer Friends

These lovely gals pray for us as we travel. They may not look like prayer warriors, but don't let their joyful beauty fool you! We thank God for friends such as these who continue to keep us in prayer. As I say to folks as we visit, "Pray for us when you see RV's."

Thanks Gina and Barb for using your gifts and holding us in prayer. If you are reading this, we appreciate your prayers too as we have now marked two full years on the road - we could not do it without the prayer support and encouragement of many. Thank you.