Saturday, February 16, 2008

Do you have a restaurant named after you?

Nope, I am not drawing your attention to the Oyster Bar. It is not a neon sign, but I thought it was RATHER IMPRESSIVE. My name! Wow! As a kid I never had a license plate, pencil, name card, necklace, or even a charm with my name on it. And here was a whole restaurant with my name on it! How cool is that. Please note how people are so used to tourists doing strange things that no one even really looks at the funny mid-western lady pointing up.

This restaurant is located in the Pike's Market area in Seattle, Washington. This picture is related to an earlier blog, but I could not find this picture at the time.

On my last visit to Seattle, my daughter and I ate at the Sabra cafe. The food was very good in this family owned friendly cafe - with a name like Sabra, it has to be good. (I may have stolen that tag line...)

Miscellaneous thoughts: "misc" boxes and Navidad

I have not been able to blog lately as we have moved again, and I have not been able to get to it.
We are getting better at gathering our stuff for temporary moves, but for the most part we just say, "it is in a box marked misc." Or, I go through the litany of ... in the house it was __, in the RV it was___, at the Laabs house it was ____, in the apartment it is - "probably in the storage unit in a box marked misc."

I am not complaining, it is just funny that paring down my belongings makes it harder to keep track of them than I thought it would be.

None of that has anything to with the photo of Dave and our lovely friend from Argentina, Adela Alvarez. She invited Dave to sing at their Christmas celebration. When he introduced songs, she translated in Spanish. There were stops and starts, lots of laughter. Dave is not used to pausing after each sentence.

Dave sang one of his favorite Christmas tunes, The Ten Commandments. Actually, it is not a Christmas tune at all, but Ramon Alvarez, Adela's husband, just loved that funny tune, so Dave sang it for the crowd.

The comforting realization for me that evening as we sang Silent Night, in Spanish, is that people of every nation worship Christ the King, the Lord of the Nations, who knows where everything is.