Friday, October 17, 2014

Has It Been That Long? or I'm BACK!

I have taken an extraordinary long hiatus from blogging.  I am ready to pick up my camera and chronicle the 2014 - 2015 God Provides Tour!
First up... I published a photo on FB about this first bit, but I also wanted to tell the rest of the story. 

This is our fourth tire blow out in seven years, not that bad really.  It seems it is always a back tire and ALWAYS on the driver's side. 

God provided Eric, a stranger who stopped to help change the shredded tire.

After this incident, we made a few changes

We moved books to the front of haRVey, nearer the hitch. Our plan is to even out the weight distribution between the RV tires and the hitch. The messy pile of books  - well everything shifts a bit as you move on down the road. This plan needs a bit of a tune up.

We moved our towels into a living room cupboard under the TV. When you go to take a shower, you must first go to the living room and get a towel. Isn't that how it is done at your house?

Books are now stored where light weight clothing used to be. My pajamas (top shelf) are now also stored under the TV and heavier items are stored here.  We actually don't have that many books -- well, maybe a few too many. (Dave - just saying)

Dave's shoes are now stored above his desk where books used to be. Mine are in the closet with books stored below where the shoes used to be. Dave and I agree, with these few changes haRVey looks to be riding a little more evenly distributed down the road. This topic may be revisited. :)