Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Week in Brillion, Wisconsin

It is always fun when Dave gets his name ON the sign. 

St. Bart's is on HORN Street!!

As always, a nice spot in the back by the shed with electric.  I know where to get groceries;  the laundromat is down the street and the bike trail is handy. We are at home.  

In Concert

Getting ready for my aerobic exercise during a school concert

Dave singing (You can't tell from this

picture, but Dave is singing)

Dave in disguise 

Hey Look! 

As we travel the country singing and sharing Jesus, one of our truly, most favorite things to do  is sing for kids.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Field Trip to Lambeau Field!

I hear Angels singing - this is THE VIEW each Packer player has when running out of the tunnel on to the field.  (except there are many, many fans dressed in color coordinated green and gold outfits and cheese on their heads...) AND most of them are sitting on bleacher seats quite content to do so.

How often have you heard a teacher say this?!

Sabra, Dave, Deb, and Justin - 

having a great time touring Lambeau Field.

Whenever we are near Green Bay, Wisconsin, we know we will be spending time with Dave's Aunt Carol and her family.  It is always a time filled with laughter and good memories. Plus a Lambeau Field tour, who could resist?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Come On Spring! Really, I Mean It!

Lake Michigan and tree buds

 In early March we were in Florida, and Spring was imminent.  As we traveled north there were a fewer signs of Spring as it slipped away in our rear view. 

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in mid-March all hope of Spring vanished in a swirl of snow.  We continued our journey entering the landscape of winter, while celebrating Easter in Ontario, Canada. 

Daffodils along the bike trail in Two Rivers

Our "Spring" tour took us through Michigan, where there were a few signs of Spring, but nothing green... snow and cold temperatures - again. 

As we traveled across Michigan the trees were beginning to ..... then we made our way into Wisconsin.  Spring eluded us again.  

We moved north from the Milwaukee area just as the trees were beginning to.... we have now parked haRVey in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and finally, finally - Spring.  There is no snow in the forecast.  This could be for real!  

With this blog post I have noted a developing theme of Seasonal Defective Disorder. 

Sisters Hang Out

Jane, Sabra, Amy

There are many things I love about spending time with my sisters...

...they will tell me when my hair or my clothes are not quite right.

...when ordering pizza, we all like the same toppings. 

 ... their childhood memories will fill in the forgotten bits of mine.

... we all love Reuben sandwiches - a trait shared with our brothers as well.

... in order to really relax, we must first clean the house, then with coffee in hand we can sit and read a book.  We know how that became part of our DNA. (Thanks, Mom.)

... we all decorate our homes with the same color palate. My home is considerably smaller.

... and my very favorite, both of my sisters have mannerisms that remind me of my mom.  I love to look at my sister Jane's hands, and I love to hear my sister Amy laugh.