Friday, June 13, 2008

June 12, 2008 Flooding

This area needed an Ark! This is WI 33 between Portage and Baraboo. Down the road near the curve sign is a farm that is up to its kneecaps in water.

On our short drive today we could see how the water made its way regardless of the hay bales, bridges, roads or homes in its rushing path.

This gas station and trailer dealer on WI 33 off of I-90/94 near Portage sits next to the Baraboo River , which has overrun it's banks. This is our way into Portage, so at the moment there is no way into town. We thank God that no one was killed in this massive, historic flooding and pray for all those who have suffered loss.

Roof Scrubbing

On one of the few sunny days... I scrubbed the roof of our house. I started inside the trailer and finished up on the top. Actually, the roof needs to be cleaned at least once a year and this was the once. A small price to pay for no shingling, scraping, painting, mowing, shoveling, etc.

I get to do the roof because I would be too worried to have Dave tromping around up there -- he is not a small man. It's only fair, I suppose. He deals with all the tall stuff and reaching up high. I'm the light-footed, petite one.

Dave and I are settling into our new home. We are beginning to figure out how to work together. Fortunately, Dave is a patient teacher when it comes to computers.