Friday, January 5, 2018

Moving On

It was a hot and steamy day in July, and the clouds resolutely remained at bay. Old haRVey and new haRVey were both EZ-bake ovens.  This is the day we moved.

New haRVey is five feet longer than old haRVey it includes a studio/bonus room, exactly what we were looking for in an RV.  Dave has a studio!  The trade-off, which we have happily made, is less kitchen storage and fewer drawers in the bedroom and bath. 

I had envisioned our move to be leisurely, filled with thoughtful pauses as I considered where we would store each item. When the real world slammed in, much to my chagrin, it was more throw and throw! The temperature hovered at 95 degrees with no wind and the inside of each RV was even worse.  By the time we loaded the last of our stuff, some of which we would have gladly pitched just to be done, we too, were done.

Our first stop with new HaRVey was St. Ignace, Michigan, because who wants to suffer moving all your stuff, then drive through Chicago on your way to Wisconsin? We enjoyed two days at a nice campground with 50 amp hook up (air conditioning :), while we sorted through everything ...again. 

I can honestly say six months later I love our haRVey and so thankful to have an RV that is not falling apart. :)  

More photos to come stay tuned.

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