Friday, January 5, 2018

A NEW haRVey?

July 2017 was an emotional month!  It may sound strange but, saying goodbye to haRVey was much harder than we thought! At the dealership, Haylett RV, in Coldwater, Michigan, we felt compelled to share information about our quirky RV.  Strap the steps or they may fall open; use a bungee cord on the cupboards or they WILL fall open while on the road; the furnace does not work; the greywater tank... well, do not, do not overfill - just saying. Can you believe this - they did not even care!  

When I asked if they would even be able to sell the thing, they said, "Oh, yes. We'll sell it easily." 
"Who would buy it?", I queried. 
"Oh, someone will place it in the woods as a hunting shack, or on a lake for a fish camp. This is Michigan!"
At this point, Dave, who was signing papers, picked up his head and with a furrowed brow, asked, "But not for traveling over the road?"
"Oh. No!" said the salesman, with much concern in his voice, as if a child had suggested we ride on the hood of the car down the freeway. The furrow on Dave's brow increases. He thought for sure we could squeeze another three or four years out of it.

Months later I find myself having to pause and think about where the water bottle or the backpack is stored or where do we keep the AA batteries now? I forget.

New haRVey: our first time hitched and ready to go!
We do love our haRVey 2. We have discovered a few quirky behaviors which will only endear us to our new home and moving on. 

I wrote this post awhile back; we have since traveled about 1000 miles and moved probably 10 times. I can happily report that haRVey 2 is broken in and is just like home. :)

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